Pre Preparatory

Our philosophy in the Pre-Preparatory Phase is “Free to be me”.

We encourage the children to learn through play and discovery.Pre-primary School at Waterberg Academy

Pre-School is a preparation for life itself. It is considered to be the most important phase of all, as it lays the foundation for their future. Children in this phase develop more than at any other time of their lives.

The aim of pre-school education is to create an age appropriate learning environment which is provided through inspiring activities and stimulating opportunities for children to develop holistically.

There are three different components of development for all ages of children:

  • Social/Emotional development – involves the development of social skills, feelings and emotions.
  • Cognitive development: development of the mind and thinking skills.
  • Physical development: development of the body and motor skills.

All these components of development are equally important and are meaningfully integrated into our pre-school education.

We have two Pre-Preparatory classes:

  • The Giraffe class (Grade 00, 000, 0000)
  • The Kudu class (Grade R)

There is never a dull moment in the Pre-Preparatory Phase. During the course of the week, the classes participate in Library, Music and Gross Motor Skillls Programmes.

We have established many traditional events that are thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils, including:  Mess Day, Mini Olympics, Athletics against two local pre-schools; Generations Day; and the Annual Autumn Leaf Outing.