Our Waterberg Academy Pre Preparatory School Logo is Live ‘n Learn, so we strongly value the importance of children being exposed to early learning experiences that encourage the development of curiosity and creativity.

Under the care of experienced and loving teachers, in small classes, we are committed to nurturing all facets of a child’s development.

  • Social and Emotional: a healthy sense of self; empathy and respect for other’s feelings; an ability to play and learn both independently and collaboratively
  • Physical: fun and stimulating games assist both fine and gross motor skills.
  • Cognitive: Early Childhood Curriculum provides a sound introduction to not only perceptual development, but also develops a love of learning that leads into the key subject areas of Mathematics, Language and Life Skills.
  • Environmental Awareness: An appreciation of nature.

The learning environment provides opportunities for children to learn through play, where creative problem solving is encouraged to lay the foundation for independent thinking and learning.

The phase is structured as follows:

  • Grade 000 children are three turning four
  • Grade 00 children are four turning five
  • Grade R (Reception year) children are five turning six.

This phase has created its own traditional annual events, which have come to be highly popular amongst the children. These include:

Mess Day; Mini Olympics; Athletics Day; Generations Day; Baker Day; Champions Challenge Fund Raiser; Nativity Play.


A variety of after school sporting and cultural activities are on offer by independent service providers. These include tuition in a music, gymnastics, swimming.

After school care is available free of charge for pupils whose parents work and those with older siblings in the school that have to be picked up at later times in the day.