Boarding Establishment

Bush-Willow (boys) and Silver Cluster-Leaf (girls) Lodges are located on campus and have a combined capacity of 50 children from Grade 4 upwards.

The philosophy and ethos of the boarding house is to create an environment that is akin to a ‘home from home’ atmosphere. It is vital that the learners are comfortable, secure and feel completely at home in these environments. They must feel secure in the knowledge that there are ‘house parents’ who oversee the welfare of each child and to whom they can turn in a time of need: someone who will listen and guide them, and if necessary advise or console them should the need arise.

As part of this process and creating a ‘home from home’ atmosphere, each learner is allowed to bring their own possessions: duvet, pillow, sheets, pictures, fans and other comforts from home.

Some teaching staff live-in and perform boarding house duties on a roster basis. This further enhances the relationship between the learner and the staff.

Three wholesome and balanced meals are planned daily in conjunction with a dietician and are prepared under the supervision of a catering manager. Snacks are served during school break time.

Boys and girls need to be given a chance to acclimatise to the change of environment at the commencement of becoming a boarder. Cell phones are permitted at certain times of the day and contact with parents is encouraged. We highly recommend that boarders have the opportunity to return home and visit with family regularly.

Learners attend regular church services.

We also offer horse stabling facilities within walking distance of the school.

Silver Cluster Leaf – Girls Boarding House

Bush Willow Lodge – Boys Boarding House