VAALWATER – On Wednesday 8 November Mr. Mashishi, Chief Subject Advisor of the University of Pretoria, came to Waterberg Academy in Vaalwater to present a Certificate of Excellence in Physical Sciences to Waterberg Academy. Mrs. Leonard seen above is the Physical Sciences Teacher.  Mrs. Leonard was present to receive this accolade, signed by the Vice-Chancellor of Pretoria University, Professor Cheryl de la Rey.

The letter accompanying the award said the following:

“Based on the results of the Grade 12 final examinations of 2016, your school ranks among the 30 top-performing schools in South Africa in Physical Science.”

The University of Pretoria would like to congratulate you on this achievement, which bears testimony on the dedicated work done by both your staff and learners.

With this Certificate of Excellence, we would like to recognise Waterberg Academy as an institution of excellence.”

Rachel Calcott from WA scored 91% for Physical Sciences.

“It is wonderful that our school has been recognized with this entirely unsolicited award from one of the country’s premier educational institutions,” says Mr. Mark Godfrey, Headmaster of Waterberg Academy.