This achievement heralded an almost unprecedented spirit of cooperation and integration in the area which has been sustained ever since. In the early years parents and supporters in the community donated their services in the form of maintenance of the school grounds and buildings, secretarial duties, library duties, bookkeeping and sports coaching.

Waterberg Academy has implemented a scholarship and bursary programme open to all applicants who satisfy the criteria. Our outreach projects have proved very successful and we are proud of the difference we have made in the lives of members of our community. These initiatives are under constant review and development in an effort to maximise our input into the community at large.

The school was able to appoint its first head in 2004. Over the next 3 years major annual fundraisers were held and the school’s infrastructure developed. More classrooms, a sports field, a hall and boarding facilities were built, while numbers continued to increase. The donation of a 25 metres swimming pool in 2008 added a facility which had never previously existed in the Waterberg. An administration block which includes a laboratory, a computer centre and a library has been built with funds donated from overseas. Donations from Standard Bank and other benefactors have enabled us to build two of ultimately three blocks of new classrooms in which to accommodate the growing High School.  More recently a tennis court was built in 2022 and a new building to facilitate a creche which will open it’s doors in February 2023.

After little more than two decades the impact of Waterberg Academy is apparent. It has ensured the retention of many of the area’s most active economic role players and job providers, and also attracted many new property owners to the area from South Africa and abroad. With these arrivals have come skills, investment, and the economic growth sorely needed in the community.