While at Waterberg Academy you get the ‘Home away from home’ feeling, the Senior Preparatory phase embraces that phrase and makes it even better.We have a young, vibrant, caring, and experienced team of teachers, who work well together, each bringing their own unique flair to their classrooms and their subjects.

Our Academic programme is of a very high standard and we boast variety, creativity, and enthusiasm when teaching.  The learners are always engaged and busy with something to enhance their learning, whether in the classroom or out.

We go on a yearly camp as well as having Outdoor classrooms throughout the year.  We believe that we have great opportunities in our area and we make use of these to benefit both the teacher and learner.

Our phase has ONE main fundraiser PER TERM, each varied in skill and excitement levels.  Examples of such fundraisers are the Maths Olympiad, Chariots of Fire, Big Walk: The muddy edition, Polar bear swim, to name a few.

The teachers and students have formed great relationships while being in the phase due to the closeness and family feel of the school.

All learners in this phase blend well with each other, no matter the grade or age.  Break times are always filled with laughter and fun.

We are a small school in the Bushveld and the Senior Preparatory phase has a big heart living for new adventures.