The philosophy behind our model

William Butler Yeats once said, “But, I being poor, have only my dreams.” The founders, like Yeats, had dreams too.

A school is essentially a building with tomorrow inside. Such a responsibility requires a passionate staff, a challenge to which the staff at the Academy rise with distinction.

In today’s world, change is obligatory. Simply put, what was good practice some years ago does not necessarily provide quality education for the child of today. We need to acknowledge transformation – the planet is changing, and education has to be at the cutting edge of global challenges.

Education, as with this ever-changing world, has to adapt or die. If, internationally there is change, surely our charges should be schooled in adjusting to this change. The acquisition of skills and techniques are imperative to grasp the many opportunities brought by change and meet modern challenges with an excellent academic background. Our children need to lead the exploration of this frontier, while remaining in touch with their South African identity.

Our world needs thinkers. Not reactive thinkers who read the wind and then react, or worse, non-active thinkers who fail to see the need for change. We need proactive thinkers, people who can enact change.

Waterberg Academy operates locally but is globally focused. The importance of understanding globalisation is vital. Our children are part of a global village.