Waterberg Academy prides itself in Academic Excellence. Today’s Independent Schools are highly competitive environments. Learners are required to perform at a high level socially, academically and on the sports field. We value the importance of preparing learners for the competitive world that awaits each learner after school. We recognise that educating our youth in traditional values, morals and ethics while equipping them with essential life skills such as critical thinking and problem solving is vital in securing their future.

We follow a learner-centered approach, we have a modern curriculum design that is continually updated to accommodate new trends that are arising with our ever-changing technological environment. We are also fortunate to have committed, highly skilled educators who are passionate about their fields of expertise and the learners they educate. This helps us fulfil our ideals.

Past Academic achievements:

Mirriam Mpete, head girl of 2020, received 2 distinctions, and proved that difficult educational circumstances due to COVID, could be overcome with hard work and dedication.

San-Marie Stegmann, head girl of 2019, received 6 distinctions and was amongst the top 1% in RSA for 3 of her subjects. She is currently in her  second year of Physiotherapy at the University of Pretoria


Megan Booysen and Jordan Hansen both received 4 distinctions.

Lucy Calcott, head girl of 2018, obtained 7 distinctions with an aggregate of 94%. She received an Outstanding Achievement Award from the IEB for being amongst the top 5% in RSA in 6 of her subjects and top 1% in RSA for 5 of her subjects. Lucy will start her tertiary education this year at Yale University with an undergraduate study in Educational Psychology.

Nadja Nortje obtained 6 distinctions. Nadja is currently in her third year of medical school; pursuing her dreams of becoming a medical doctor, at the University of the Witwatersrand.


Waterberg Academy received a Certificate of Excellence from the University of Pretoria for being amongst the top 30 schools in Physical Sciences in RSA in the 2016 National Senior Certificate examinations.

Subjects Waterberg Academy offers in the FET phase:

Compulsory subjects: 

Afrikaans First Additional Language

English Home Language

Life Orientation

Choice Subjects:

Core Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy

Business Studies OR Physical Sciences

Life Sciences OR Accounting

Geography OR History