From the Headmaster’s Desk – 14 February 2020

Dear Waterberg Family

A man responds to a dinner table question intended to embarrass him as a teacher among some rich professionals: “Honestly, Dennis, what do you make?’

Dennis responds in anger: ‘I make children spell correctly; I make them walk on air; I make parents see their children in ways they never did before; I make an underachiever reach the top of his class; you want to know what I make? I make a difference!’

I would like to make special mention of our new families joining the Waterberg Academy in 2020. May you experience a warm and comfortable Waterberg welcome.

The good matric results of the class of 2019, and the impressive qualities of our matriculants, remind us once again of the professional educators that we have at Waterberg Academy. Well done to our matric teachers, who with hard work and dedication from our students, achieved a 100% pass rate. We also achieved a record amount of 16 distinctions with three of our subjects rated amongst the top 1% in the IEB

The Grade 8 students (The Guppies) have returned from a successful pre-term camp and have shown both enthusiasm and potential. All our staff members across the school have been busy and productive during the past two weeks, creating readiness to inspire excellence and to ensure that we start the year off on a positive note.

Upcoming Events

February 20

Midterm Break

School closes Thursday 20 February 2020 at 14H00 and reopens again on 24 Tuesday 2020 at 07H00


Care more than others think is wise

Risk more than others think is safe

Dream more than others think is practical

Expect more than others think is possible

Always look for ways to improve on others’ work

Are passionate about everything you do

Deliver ahead of demand and expectation

I would like to use this opportunity to make special mention of our teachers and to thank each one for their dedication and valuable input into the lives of our children. Thank you, Waterberg Academy teachers, we really do appreciate everything that you do for, and mean to our children.

1. Academics

We are currently in full swing with our academic program; assessments are happening weekly. Please ensure that you have a copy of the termly assessment plans which will also help you when checking of homework and planning. The success of our children does require that we as a team (Parent and Teacher) are involved in the lives of our youngsters. (UBUNTU) It takes a village to raise a child.

2. Sport and culture

We have started with Archery, Football and Netball in the high school. The first practice was well attended, and participation was very enthusiastic. The primary school will continue with Athletics until after midterm. On the cultural side I have tasked Mr. van der Schyff to start introducing a new and vibrant cultural program.

As continuous growth is needed, we are currently investigating the re-introduction of golf as a school sport. More details will follow in the next week as we are meeting with representatives from Korro Creek to see how we can be included into their program.

3. New classrooms

The two new classrooms are coming along rather nicely. The builders are working extremely hard for us to occupy the rooms by April. One of the classrooms will be used for a new art and culture venue.

4. Open day – 6 March 2020

I would like to invite all our parents to our open day on 6 March 2020. We will be doing something special for our parents during the drop off time. Could I ask that you bring along a prospective family to visit our school? We would really like many possible, prospective parents enjoying a special time with us. Could you also advertise amongst family and friends? Waterberg Academy – a great school in the bush

5. Program for the next two weeks




15 February 2020

Archery District Meeting – Lephalale

Whole school

19 February 2020

Valentines Dance

High School

20 February 2020

School closes at 14H00 for midterm break

Whole School

25 February 2020

School reopens after midterm break – 07H00

Whole School

25 February 2020

Athletics at Euphorbia

Primary School

28 February 2020

Klein Vyf Athletics


29 February 2020

Archery at Waterberg

Whole School


Sacrifice and suffering can be a good thing when it is done for the good of the family – This is the one lesson that will forever be engraved in my mind. My parents taught me what books never did.

Parents, thank you for always trusting us as the custodians of your children, for giving us all your love and knowing when to correct us if necessary. You have taught us to value everything and for us, you are great parents. Thank you so much for the wings you have given your children, for having taught them how to soar up into the sky, expand their horizons and brush against the heavens.

You sacrificed your own happiness, just so that your child can receive a good education and that they could be happy. It may take a lifetime, for your child to repay you for what you have done for them. Thank you, parents, love your children and together we can ensure that no child will be left behind.

Vernon Rorich