Newsletter – 04 June 2020

Dear Parents , Staff and Pupils

Herewith please find important communication with regards to the school opening on Monday 8 June 2020.

Waterberg Academy has made the necessary requests to the Head of Department Education in Limpopo Ms KO Dederen for the deviation from the phased return of pupils to school as per the Department of Education. We have adhered to all the protocols set down by the Department including the deep cleaning of all our venues and boarding school. Protective equipment for staff has been handed out and all pupils will be issued with masks upon arrival at school on Monday. We can confidently tick all the boxes on the compliance monitoring tool which has been implemented by the Department of Education.

Classrooms have been re-organised as per the 1.5m distance, sanitisers are available upon entering all venues and thermometres have been issued to the administration, phase heads and boarding school staff for the screening of pupils, staff and visitors. Our COVID 19 team have all been trained to ensure that Waterberg Academy is safe and ready for the return of pupils and staff on Monday. As our school is small and our classes are small, there is no need to split any classes.

What you need to know

• The school academic day for all pupils will start at 08H00 and end at 13H00. The gates will be open from 07H15 and will be locked again at 08H00. At the end of school day, gates will be opened at 12H30 and closed again at 13H45. Parents are please to ensure that pupils are on time in the morning and have been fetched by 13H30. Staff members will be on duty until 13H45 each day. No co-curricular activies are allowed yet. We will re-evaluate once the sporting bodies allow the activities to continue.

• Upon entering the school, please adhere to the road signs that indicate that all vehicles are to keep left. This will take you to the first point of contact where the driver of the vehicle will be screened . Thereafter, please proceed as per signage and keep left. The next drop off point will be outside the Primary school phase, followed by the High school and finally the Junior school. Parents and drivers are requested to remain in the vehicle at all times . Teachers will be on duty to receive and screen the pupils. Once the pupils have been screened and their temperature taken, vehicles can leave the property.

• The pupils will then be escorted to their classrooms and placed in their own safe zone. The safe zone is their own space and no other pupil or staff member can enter their safe zone or space.

• Pupils and staff will be required to wear either a face mask or a face shield for the entire day.
During break, pupils will be allowed outside and staff will be on duty to ensure that social
distancing is adhered to.

• No sharing of stationary or lunches will be allowed.

• Pupils are allowed to wear civvies to school. Parents please make sure that a set of clean clothes is
worn every day.

• Term 2 ends on 26 June 2020 and re opens on 6 July 2020.

• Please ensure that your children have a spare mask with them . They are also welcome to bring
their own sanitiser for personal use.

Face to face learning will start next week and as an additional added value, we will continue with the
remote learning. However, parents please understand that the pupils doing remote learning will need to stay on track with the school. It will be your responsibility to ensure that all assessments and homework is returned on time.

On another positive note, I would like to congratulate one of our past pupils, Lucy Calcott, on her
acceptance into Yale University. We are so proud of her and grateful that Waterberg Academy played a small part in her success.

It is always good to have an attitude of gratitude for the things God has done for us. If we take the time and reflect, we at Waterberg Academy are so grateful for what God has done for us the past two months. All glory and praise to our heavenly father.

Please stay safe.

Kind regards

Vernon Rorich


From the Headmaster’s Desk – 13 March 2020

Dear Waterberg Family

Education – A wise investment

When questioned about her first day at school, a somewhat indignant six-year-old replied: “They didn’t teach me much. I’ve got to go again tomorrow.”

I am sure that children (as we did as children) wonder why it is that they and millions of children are at school at any one given moment. Why should they endure twelve years of “hard labour”? What is the point? Where will it all lead to? Is it necessary? Why not just let each boy and girl educate himself/herself?

The word “school” has its origins in the Greek word “schola” which literally means “leisure”. Hence all teenagers are now celebrating as the implication is one of learning as a pleasurable experience. Learning can be fun.

In the distant past when the fabric of life seemed to be less complex/sophisticated, parents were competent to teach their children the basics of earning a living – hunting, farming, domestic craft. Thus, formal schooling was unnecessary. However, as the world became more complex owing to the industrial revolution, increased technology and specialized procedures, parents could no longer equip their children with more sophisticated skills needed for a technological world, to perform a job and earn a living. Thus, schools were started on a formal basis to provide children with specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes to make a meaningful personal and collective contribution to society.

Thus, the aim of a school is to develop each boy and girl in such a way that each potential is maximized; to cultivate that total personality in the physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional and aesthetic spheres; to structure situations and create opportunities for children to be the focal point; to nourish a child’s talent and strive to enable children to become a “total” person, well-adjusted and well balanced.

As we look at the history of schooling and the aim of schools, education is a wise investment into the future of our country and into our world. However, for it to be a return on our investment, children need to play their part by plunging their heart and soul into this investment, use the many diverse facilities available, commit themselves and enjoy their time spent at school. If they are happy in, or disillusioned with themselves, then they have only themselves to blame. The opportunities are there, they must seize them with both hands and above all, be thankful that they have the privilege of attending school.

Upcoming Events

March 27

Sunset braai

Come and watch the sun set on our magnificent school

“If you pour your purse into your head, you can never be bankrupt”
Benjamin Franklin
  1. Senior Preparatory school camp at Ultimate Aim

I had the privilege of visiting the pupils on camp. The pupils were having a wonderful time. It was fantastic to see that children can still be children and enjoy our beautiful environment. Thank you to all parents for allowing your children to go on camp and staff who attended the camp (they were also having a ball).


  1. Sunset Braai – 27 March 2020

On behalf of our PTA, I would like to invite all parents, pupils and staff to join us on 27 March 2020 for a time of relaxation, social interaction and getting to know one another. The evening will be a time just to sit, relax and watch the sunset, while enjoying a braai and interacting with our community. Please see attached flyer for more details.


  1. Positions available at Waterberg Academy boarding school

We are currently looking for a suitable candidate to move into our boarding house. The successful incumbent will be required to supervise the pupils and be a mother / father figure to all the pupils. Ideally, we are looking for a single male for the boys’ hostel and a single lady for the girls’ hostel. The package will include accommodation, meals and cleaning of rooms.

If you  know of anyone please could they contact me directly at:


  1. Waterberg Academy – a positive environment

I would like to thank all parents, learners and staff for a fanstaic Open Day. It was so pleasing to see parents, staff and pupils getting involved and making it happen. This was very unique and heart warming. THANK YOU for investing in the future of Waterberg Academy.


Our archery team did extremely well last weekend at Entabeni. Well done and thank you for your time and commitment. Our senior soccer and netball teams played against Hoërskool Ellisras and performed very well. This was our first match and we are looking forward to the season that lies ahead.

May you all have a wonderful week ahead.


Vernon Rorich


From the Headmaster’s Desk – 28 February

Dear Waterberg Family

I came across an interesting article written by Marc Falconer in which he discusses the issues that face our schools. I found it to be very relevant to Waterberg Academy.

The very earnest astrophysict Sir Arthur Eddington, when he took some time off from explaining Einstein’s theory of relativity, also managed to dabble in scientific philosophy. One example of this was his articulation of a theory that had to do with  measuring achievements of long distance cyclists – although I have never been able to understand one word of this thesis. What makes more sense to me, certainly in the context of education, is what Eddington had to say about personal relativity: ‘Imagine yourself in the midst of nothingness and then try to tell me how large you are’.

Each school in our country manages to create a unique and easily distinguishable flavour, which is remarkable in a context where pupils are engaging with the same curriculum and working in a similar environment. Every time there are visitors to Waterberg Academy, it allows me or whoever is showing them around, an opportuinty to see the familiar place through fresh eyes.

It is this introductory statement made by Marc Falconer, that became so real too as I was doing my walk about the school. There is a sad inability of many pupils in our school and across our country to look after the environment in which they live. Although it is true that some school campuses are absolutely pristine, it would be interesting to know how long they would remain in this state if there were not platoons of ground staff rushing around collecting the rafts of litter, chip packets, plastic yoghurt and Woolies salad containers, drink cartons, aluminium sandwhich wrappings and chocolate and sweet papers. And even in schools where the inside grounds are immaculate, in almost all cases, not far from the gates, greasy fast food wrappers and plastic bottles can collect in unsightly knee-high piles.

 I have noticed that while our ground staff help to clean up, our children sit quite comfortably amidst the filth and debris of their lunch, and when they get up to leave, they seem genuinely oblivious to the filth they have left behind. Once they have devoured their food, the container or wrapping immediately becomes someone else’s problem.

This simple inability of pupils to see their own mess is similar to the failure to see and acknowledge visitors on the school ground. And these may be the same pupils who give hundreds of hours  to the planting of gardens in other communities.

I ask the question: Are we a school that lauds pupils for excellent academic and  sporting results, but allows pupils to demonstrate this lack of humanity? Then we have a flawed education. If pupils leave Waterberg Academy incapable of seeing the humanity of each person or with the impression that someone else will clean up their mess after them, our school has failed – and the good Sir Arthur Eddington has made a valid point: in our solipsistic vacuum of nothingness we are neither large nor important.

As staff and parents, we have the responsibility to teach and demonstrate to our pupils the value of the dignity of all humans, even those cleaning staff who crawl around on their hands and knees collecting our discarded and awkwardly positioned debris. It must be part of the Waterberg Academy  education to value our environment. We can all make a productive start by remedying our own impoverishment by greeting all the people in our school  and those who visit our school, and by cleaning up our own mess.

Upcoming Events

March 6

Open Day

Come and see the school in action

Acknowledgement to Marc Falconer “Notes from a Headmasters Desk”

1. Open Day 6 March 2020

I would like to invite all parents and staff to attend our open day. This is not merely a day in which we impress prospective parents . I firmly believe that our current parents should also experience the school in action. Please join us at 09H00 for an open assembly. Apart from experiencing the talent that this school offers, you can also hear about the vision and the future plans of Waterberg Academy. It would also be nice if you could invite your friends and family to join us. Tours of the school will take place from 10H00 until 13H00.

2. Waterberg Academy – a positive environment

  • There is great excitement at the school as we have started to introduce new activities: golf as a school sport and the introduction of a school choir. Mr van der Schyff is currently auditioning pupils for the choir . Pupils who would like to play golf for Waterberg Academy are to go and see Mr O Kelly please.
  • A huge congratulations to the following learners who made us proud at the Equestrian competition last weekend:

Horse Riding Results: SANESA QUALIFIER 1 (14 February – 16 February)

Lyandi van der Merwe (Grade 8) – 1st place in the following disciplines:

1m Competition & A2 Showjumping (Horse: Carel Hancke Limpopo)

Dressage Novice (Carel Hancke Limpopo)

1m Working Hunter (Carel Hancke Limpopo)

3rd place: 1m Equitation (Carel Hancke Limpopo)

1m Working Hunter (Main Player)

Carla Leonard (Grade 8) – (first SANESA Qualifier for her)- 1st Place

70cm Working Hunter (Horse: Colonial Wind)

2nd Place: – 80cm A2 Showjumping (Horse: Colonial Wind

3rd place: – 80 cm Competition Showjumping (Horse: Colonial        Wind)

Dressage: Preliminary (Horse: Colonial Wind)

70cm Equitation (Horse: Colonial Wind)


Our mountain bike pupils also did extremely well:

  • Sa Cup XCO (Cross country) #1
  • Junior (m) Livingstone Banda 43rd /45 – he had a technical issue
  • Nipper (boy) Gianmarco Gualdi 6th/ 7
  • Sprog (m) Daniel Eagar 5th/11
  • Sub Junior (m) Ethan Gualdi 10th/10
  • Sub Junior (f) Carla Jansen van Rensburg 1st/ 5
  • Our primary school took part in the Euphorbia primary schools’ athletics We were complimented on the behavior and spirit of our school and with limited number of athletes, we did extremely well. Thank you to all the pupils who competed and held our name on high.

We look forward to our open day and we are excited to show off what a great school we have become. Let us never forget:

Vernon Rorich


From the Headmaster’s Desk – 14 February 2020

Dear Waterberg Family

A man responds to a dinner table question intended to embarrass him as a teacher among some rich professionals: “Honestly, Dennis, what do you make?’

Dennis responds in anger: ‘I make children spell correctly; I make them walk on air; I make parents see their children in ways they never did before; I make an underachiever reach the top of his class; you want to know what I make? I make a difference!’

I would like to make special mention of our new families joining the Waterberg Academy in 2020. May you experience a warm and comfortable Waterberg welcome.

The good matric results of the class of 2019, and the impressive qualities of our matriculants, remind us once again of the professional educators that we have at Waterberg Academy. Well done to our matric teachers, who with hard work and dedication from our students, achieved a 100% pass rate. We also achieved a record amount of 16 distinctions with three of our subjects rated amongst the top 1% in the IEB

The Grade 8 students (The Guppies) have returned from a successful pre-term camp and have shown both enthusiasm and potential. All our staff members across the school have been busy and productive during the past two weeks, creating readiness to inspire excellence and to ensure that we start the year off on a positive note.

Upcoming Events

February 20

Midterm Break

School closes Thursday 20 February 2020 at 14H00 and reopens again on 24 Tuesday 2020 at 07H00


Care more than others think is wise

Risk more than others think is safe

Dream more than others think is practical

Expect more than others think is possible

Always look for ways to improve on others’ work

Are passionate about everything you do

Deliver ahead of demand and expectation

I would like to use this opportunity to make special mention of our teachers and to thank each one for their dedication and valuable input into the lives of our children. Thank you, Waterberg Academy teachers, we really do appreciate everything that you do for, and mean to our children.

1. Academics

We are currently in full swing with our academic program; assessments are happening weekly. Please ensure that you have a copy of the termly assessment plans which will also help you when checking of homework and planning. The success of our children does require that we as a team (Parent and Teacher) are involved in the lives of our youngsters. (UBUNTU) It takes a village to raise a child.

2. Sport and culture

We have started with Archery, Football and Netball in the high school. The first practice was well attended, and participation was very enthusiastic. The primary school will continue with Athletics until after midterm. On the cultural side I have tasked Mr. van der Schyff to start introducing a new and vibrant cultural program.

As continuous growth is needed, we are currently investigating the re-introduction of golf as a school sport. More details will follow in the next week as we are meeting with representatives from Korro Creek to see how we can be included into their program.

3. New classrooms

The two new classrooms are coming along rather nicely. The builders are working extremely hard for us to occupy the rooms by April. One of the classrooms will be used for a new art and culture venue.

4. Open day – 6 March 2020

I would like to invite all our parents to our open day on 6 March 2020. We will be doing something special for our parents during the drop off time. Could I ask that you bring along a prospective family to visit our school? We would really like many possible, prospective parents enjoying a special time with us. Could you also advertise amongst family and friends? Waterberg Academy – a great school in the bush

5. Program for the next two weeks




15 February 2020

Archery District Meeting – Lephalale

Whole school

19 February 2020

Valentines Dance

High School

20 February 2020

School closes at 14H00 for midterm break

Whole School

25 February 2020

School reopens after midterm break – 07H00

Whole School

25 February 2020

Athletics at Euphorbia

Primary School

28 February 2020

Klein Vyf Athletics


29 February 2020

Archery at Waterberg

Whole School


Sacrifice and suffering can be a good thing when it is done for the good of the family – This is the one lesson that will forever be engraved in my mind. My parents taught me what books never did.

Parents, thank you for always trusting us as the custodians of your children, for giving us all your love and knowing when to correct us if necessary. You have taught us to value everything and for us, you are great parents. Thank you so much for the wings you have given your children, for having taught them how to soar up into the sky, expand their horizons and brush against the heavens.

You sacrificed your own happiness, just so that your child can receive a good education and that they could be happy. It may take a lifetime, for your child to repay you for what you have done for them. Thank you, parents, love your children and together we can ensure that no child will be left behind.

Vernon Rorich


From the Headmaster’s Desk – 31 January 2020

Dear Waterberg Family

It is with anticipation and excitement that we welcome you to the beginning of the 2020 academic year. Waterberg Academy is alive and well. Pupils are buzzing around and eager to get this year off to a positive start.

I would like to make special mention of our new families joining the Waterberg Academy in 2020. May you experience a warm and comfortable Waterberg welcome.

The good matric results of the class of 2019, and the impressive qualities of our matriculants, remind us once again of the professional educators that we have at Waterberg Academy. Well done to our matric teachers, who with hard work and dedication from our students, achieved a 100% pass rate. We also achieved a record amount of 16 distinctions with three of our subjects rated amongst the top 1% in the IEB

The Grade 8 students (The Guppies) have returned from a successful pre-term camp and have shown both enthusiasm and potential. All our staff members across the school have been busy and productive during the past two weeks, creating readiness to inspire excellence and to ensure that we start the year off on a positive note.

Upcoming Events

February 7

JP Art Day

PP Messy Day

February 14

Valentine’s day dance

I would like to draw your attention to a few important issues relating to the start of the year.

  1. School safety and school camps
  2. Inter house athletics
  3. Guppy concert
  4. Future plans

1. School safety and school camps

With the tragedy that happened at Parktown Boys High, we at Waterberg Academy would like to emphasize that we will ensure that all our learners and staff are safe at all times. The following checklist will be completed before any of our learners or staff embark on a school outing.

  • The destination of the trip will be well communicated. You will know exactly where your child is going, the address of the venue and all relevant information will be communicated well before the trip.
  • A sufficient number of educators will attend the trip. Learners will be under the care of our educators at all times.
  • All contact numbers will be communicated daily; communication from the camp via the D6 will be sent out. The school phone will be available for teachers to contact parents. This number will also be communicated before the trip.
  • The school will undertake to visit the camp site prior to the school actually going on the camp. We will ensure that all safety precautions are adhered to. The school will sign off on all the activities and ensure the safety of our learners. The school will ask to see all instructor’s certification and qualification. No child will be forced to take part in any activity.
  • The school will ensure that a medical aid kit is taken on each trip. The camp site owners are also required to have proper first aid and qualified first aiders.
  • Parents will be required to fill in an information form on which important information like medical aid, contact numbers etc will be noted.

2. Inter house athletics

Thank you to pupils, staff and parents who attended our annual inter house athletics meeting. What a marvellous day. The pupils really tried hard and we witnessed some truly great performances.


3. Guppy Concert

Well done to our “Guppies” (Grade 8 learners) on a very entertaining concert. We all relived the movie ‘Grease’ and saw some real talent. Oscars, here comes Waterberg! A big thank you to Mr van der Schyff for putting together the show.

4. Future Plans

Fantastic news is that a sponsor has come on board to build us another classroom. This classroom will be the new venue for our art and culture. It is wonderful to know that we have individuals who are prepared to make a difference in the lives of our pupils.

As soon as I saw you, I knew a great adventure was about to happen.”

Vernon Rorich


Today is a very bitter-sweet day for us as Matrics. It is our very last day that we will be amongst our teachers and friends before we head into our final exams. We are all very excited to close off our school career and embark on the incredible next chapter of our lives. However, we will be thrown into the deep end and without water wings to help us. But God will never leave our sides. He confirms this in Joshua 1:9 when He says, “Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” 

We might feel unprepared for what is to come in the future but Waterberg Academy has taught us so many crucial values and skills that we will carry with us into our next journey. Independence, integrity, humility, empathy and discipline; just to name a few. But most importantly, our school has taught us to be kind and loving, unconditionally. Our school is considered to be a family that is always there for each other. We do sometimes have our difference, like all families do, but at the end of the day we can still come together, laugh together and depend on each other.

Our school has offered us countless opportunities to make memories that will last us a lifetime. All the years of camping, making “stokbrood”, swimming in rivers, sleeping under the stars (which, initially not all of us were too happy about), going to the beach, building rafts (which, again, we weren’t too excited about after the tenth time but we did it anyways) and getting to know each other better in the process. We have been able to form not only bonds, but friendships with our teachers, which I don’t think many students can do in big schools. We are able to confide in our teachers and know that it will stay only with them.
I have been a student here my whole life and many teachers and students have come and gone, but something that has never faded is the love and concern we have for each other as pupils at this school.

A little message from us as the Matrics of 2019, is that you should appreciate our school and do not take it for granted. Do not wish that school can just end already because it really does come sooner than you expect it to. 

I asked my classmates what is something that they appreciate or enjoy about this school and their answers describe Waterberg Academy so perfectly. Their answers were that we get personal attention from teachers, we are given the opportunity to be book-smart and bush-smart, the fact that we are so close as a class and that we are like family, our teachers always show us love and kindness, our learners are always kind to each other and the school and teachers push us to reach our full potential. According to Spieg, he is just here for the “lekkerness”. I have been here since I can remember. It’s all I have ever known and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I have made lifelong friends that I will cherish forever. 

Waterberg Academy has crawled underneath our skin over the years and it will always have a very special place in our hearts.


NEWSLETTER 22 November 2019

Grade One Outing to Welgevonden

Jaco and Marice Badenhorst, who manage a busy lodge in Welgevonden, invited our Grade Ones for a game drive in this exclusive Big Five reserve. Son, Josua, is in that class and you can see from the photos that he took a leadership role as his classmates joined him on his home turf.

OK, so WE are ready. Let’s go.
Gianmarco and Josua smile for the camera and ignore the rhinos.
The kids – trying to work out how the bones fits together
No class outing is complete without a photo opportunity.


While the Foundation Phase take time out for an outing, the Grade 4 to 12 learners are deeply embroiled in the examination process. Below is a picture of most of the Matric group as they take on Mathematical Literacy and Chemistry.

This is how the culmination of thirteen years of work looks – as the “Big Guns” pore over their 3-hour papers. We are expecting some excellent results this year.

Last Week of Term



Monday – Carols by Candlelight – 17h00 Picnic; 18h00 Carols Service


– Pre-Preparatory Graduation – 09h00 – School closes for Pre-Preparatory learners thereafter.
–  Junior Preparatory Prize Giving – 11h00 – School closes for Junior PreparatoryLearners at 12h00

Thursday – Senior Preparatory Prize Giving – 09h00 – School closes for Senior Preparatory Learners at 11h00

Friday – High School Prize Giving – 09h00 – School closes for High School learners at 11h00

Mark Godfrey

NEWSLETTER 8 November 2019


The record breakers. Below, Mr Bridger congratulates the swimmers who broke records in Friday’s Interhouse Gala.

Mr Bridger, Daniel Eagar, Tyler le Sar, Thembisile Magudulela, Ruan Leonard, Quentin Brugnolo, Renè du Preez, Malose Mohlabi and Jana Leonard. Only three of the eight got the D6 message to wear green to school on Monday.

The first Monday of every month is also provincial and SA colours day where those learners who have achieved these honours are invited to wear their colours to school in place of uniform. Daniel and Ruan chose to honour the Boks instead of invoking their right. Good choice, Guys!

Rugby World Cup

 These learners got the D6 message about wearing green. Here they show their joy at the William Webb Ellis Trophy coming home to South Africa for the next four years.

If you are not connected to the new version of th eD6, you will inevitably be missing messages like this one, which was cobbled together over the weekend. The answer is pretty simple – come and see Cornè to get connected/transferred.

Grade 11 Leadership Camp

This annual event was held at Hillside, property of Craig and Trish Pidduck. The Pidducks have generously allowed the Academy the use of their bush camp over many years, and it has proven to be the perfect venue for Leadership and Guppy Camps. Thank you, Craig and Trish.

A very big Thank You is due to Mr Roth who organized and led the camp and took care of our Grade 11’s while they were in the bush.

Joshua Hein and Ryan Briggs seat themselves on high, whilst Quinn Harmse and Ann-Jenica van Coller are just a little more cool.

Business Studies

Ryan Briggs, Ann-Jenica van Coller, Loapi Mosaka and Mirriam Mpete work on their entrepreneurial Projects

Grade 7 Farewell

Above: A mixed group of Grade 7 revellers and Grade 6 waitrons.

 Middle: Kamo Malemela and Carla Leonard seem to be enjoying the evening.

 Below: The parents’ table was very convivial

Mark Godfrey

NEWSLETTER 17 October 2019

Matric Farewell

Boitumelo Mataboge was partnered by Charmaine Rachele – Matric 2018. Roman Manoa is also in the frame
Nicolas Pieterse and his partner, Daniella,toast the end of 13 years of school.
This beautiful photograph was taken by Gustav Collins of The Adshop. He was our official photographer (unpaid nogal!) and we look forward to a selection of similar beautifully composed pictures when the processing is over. L to R: Shannon and Simoné, Michael and Jade, Hansie and Megan, Jordan and Dylan, Rebecca and Marco, Roman, Daniella and Nicolas.

Head Girl, San-Marie Stegmann, looking lovely in maroon, which seemed to be the most popular colour among the girls.

They say that a Matric Farewell is all about the dress, and I believe our evening was no different from any others. The girls looked magnificent and the boys were dashing.

Rebecca and Marco posing for this beautiful picture in front of the Leeuwenhof bell tower.

This delightful group of young people shows how it feels to get to the end of the 13 year long haul. They have been a very cohesive group and most agree, a pleasure to teach. We will miss you, Guys.

Congratulations, Mrs McBride, on putting together such a lovely evening. Thank you, Mrs Raubenheimer for all your help. Leeuwenhof was an inspired choice for a venue. It is absolutely beautiful, and I believe the staff could not do enough to help with the preparations on the day.

Their last day at school saw little work being done and a trip down memory lane. Mrs McBride got them to the same spot where group photos had been taken since Grade 4, and even got them to sit in the same positions. Michael’s bunny ears had also become compulsory after so many years, he is not resisting the onset of early adulthood!

In these first picture we see four who made it all the way through sitting with Miss Lavery. In the Grade 7 picture they are joined by Jordan Hansen and Nicolas Pieterse and their teacher is Mrs Steyn. In the picture below, the final group sits with Form Teacher, Mrs McBride.

Mark Godfrey