Senior Preparatory

The Senior Preparatory phase includes learners from Grades 4 up to and including Grade 7 (an age group ranging from 9 to 13 years). This is an important phase in the development of children where we are faced with the challenges of preparing the children for high school, and the responsibilities which go with high school. The design and methodology of our curriculum implementation takes this into account.

We strive to build on the needs of the individual from the points of knowledge, skills, values, concepts and attitudes. A rich and stimulating programme is offered which recognises the core learning areas including the first language (English), Maths and Natural Science.

Senior Primary School at Waterberg AcademyBalance and enrichment are provided in the other learning areas including Afrikaans, offered as an additional first language or a second language, Human and Social Sciences (HSS), Economic Management Sciences (EMS), Art and Culture, Technology, Drama, Computers, and Environmental Studies.

Physical Education (PE) also forms a core component of the curriculum, where general fitness and muscular toning are achieved through athletics, cross country, swimming, netball, hockey and cricket- as well as several individual sports like archery, mountain biking and horse riding.

The different learning areas as specified by the National Curriculum (as mentioned above) are taught in an integrated manner with specialist teaching provided in Maths, English and Afrikaans.

A large emphasis is placed on project work which is complemented by field trips and locally based outdoor activities. The emphasis on skills development together with core knowledge emphasis is very effective in equipping the learners for the High School phase that awaits them. Various methods of continuous assessment are used to provide as complete a picture as possible of the progress of each learner. Although traditional mark based assessment is important, it is important to know that it only forms a small part of the overall assessment. A comprehensive report is provided at the end of each term.

With a maximum number of 16 pupils per class, we feel that we are strongly positioned to provide a service of excellence for the communities that we serve.