NEWSLETTER 8 August 2019


On Saturday our Boarders went to the Goats Milk Cheese Farm. They observed the milking process, fed the animals, and tasted the cheese, and in all this they managed also to have a lot of fun. Thank you, Miss Nicholson and Mr Roth for taking our boarders on this outing.

Panashe and Asher grimace in sympathy as the ostrich “gently” takes pellets from Alyssa
Panashe, Alyssa and Amahle taste the goats’ milk cheese on offer. Some felt it was an acquired taste.

Life Orientation

As part of the Life Orientation programme, learners are required to accumulate “certificates” proving a required number of hours of community service in several different areas. To assist the learners with this, Mr Simiti and Mrs Forster-Towne took their Grade 11’s and 12’s to The Fold to weed their vegetable garden, play with the kids, and even to “Let them eat cake.”

Josh, Mr Simiti and San-Marie in the veggie patch.
Michael enjoying the fact that it is truly better to give than to receive.

Mountain Biking

Three of our learners travelled to Nelspruit to take part in an inter-provincial MTB Cross Country Competition by virtue of their podium placings over the local series thus far. Primary schools and High schools were lumped together in the U/14 age group, so competition was stiff. Bradley Eagar placed 8th in the Boys U/14, Carla Jansen van Vuuren was 3rd in the Girls U/14, and Daniel Eagar was 1st in the Boys U/10. That makes you the champion of two provinces, Daniel. Wow!

A lovely picture of our party before the start of racing: Andrew Eagar, Bradley Eagar, Carla Jansen van Vuuren, Annalise Jansen van Vuuren, Daniel Eagar, and coach Nikki Eagar.


Waterberg Academy hosted the NASP Limpopo Provincial Contest on Saturday and several of our learners did exceptionally well, with a new face on the podium this week. Caitlyn Pidduck shot her personal best and commandeered the podium. The usual suspects, however, were not to be outdone. We got a range of results, but only the 1st places are pictured below……

These young people each achieved first places: Caitlin – Primary Girls 3D; Lerato – Primary Girls Bullseye; Shannon – Jn High Boys 3D + Overall; Bianca – Jn High Girls 3D + Bullseye; Ruan – Primary Boys 3D + Bullseye (+ 2nd Overall.)

Car Wash

Support for the car wash initiative seems to have faded. Please buy into this drive if you can. The aim is to raise funds for a mission outreach to Swaziland during the September school holiday, which three of our learners will be going on. The object of the exercise will be to spread the Gospel and do some community service among the poorest of the poor.

To arrange a carwash, speak to Miss Nicholson, Rebecca Banda, Livingstone Banda, Tyler Human or Ephenia Molekoa. To drum up support, prices have been reduced to R50 for a wash of the outside of all vehicles, and R70 if the inside is cleaned as well.

Mark Godfrey