NEWSLETTER 6 September 2019

Mountain Biking

Gianmarco Gualdi – 1st Boys U/8
Daniel Eagar – 3rd Boys U/10
Bradley Eagar – 2nd Boys U/14
Carla powers over an obstacle
Carla Jansen van Vuuren – 1st Girls U/14

Livingston Banda negotiates the rock garden as three dads watch in admiration. There are many dangers out there in this sport, but these courageous young people are fearless.

Livingston will be riding for Limpopo at the Nationals Championships during the September holiday.

These championships are only for High Schools, so Carla, who is top of her age group and Bradley who is no. 2, will not be competing. However, they were awarded provincial colours for their performances throughout the SPUR Series.

Waterberg Academy has had a very successful mountain biking season this year with Nikki Eagar as our coach. There have regularly been 14 or 15 learners at the training sessions and 10 or 12 at the Saturday races. And, of course, her sons Daniel and Bradley have led from the front. Thank you, Nikki! It has been wonderful to see each of the riders progress from only feeling comfortable on the flat ground to taking on obstacles which would make most adults blanche.

Waterberg Academy Arts Festival

Mrs McBride (organizer), Ms Mocke (adjudicator) and Miss Nicholson

Small wonder that our learners did so well this year with these three eisteddfod savvy ladies encouraging them every word of the way. And then there were the ladies who helped the learners with getting their presentations right, both for individual and choral work. In fact, the choral verse got an unprecedented number of prestige awards this year – testament to the hard work of the “coaches.”

Mrs McBride has organized our Waterberg Academy Arts Festival for the past five years, and we have watched the performances of our learners improve every year. Whenever she is thanked or congratulated for her hard work, she is quick to deflect the praise towards those who have helped her.  Thank you, Janice, and all your helpers.

Cross Country

Asher Petersen shows why he is no. 6 in Limpopo.

Secretaries’ Day

Our new secretary/PA to the headmaster, Mrs Cornè Pretorius was pleasantly surprised on Wednesday when she was presented with some goodies to mark Secretaries’ Day.

World Rhino Day

Mrs Swales has been the Academy’s liaison with Jessica Babich and the SAPS in all the planning for World Rhino Day on Thursday 19 September. Here the organizing committee is meeting in our staff room to plan for a bigger and better display.

Physical Sciences

Joshua Hein is busy adding the acid  solution from a burette to the base in the flask to observe the exact moment that the base changes from blue to yellow.


Hands up if you remember doing titration experiments in your school days!

Cricket – Inter House

Kemelo Mocheko unleashes
Curtsy Sorofa – wide stance
Scott McBride sweeps

What a close contest – Davidson won by 2 runs!

Generations Day

Well done, Foundation Phase teachers. Your charges were outstanding and the hall looked lovely.

Parents and Grandparents watch the littlies perform.
Grade One to Three sing to the piano played by Etta Steyn.

Mark Godfrey