NEWS LETTER 30 August 2019

Family Fun Day

There appeared to be more cars on the School grounds on Saturday than ever before. Our PTA really pulled out all the stops. They also introduced a number of new attractions which helped invite the community in – and the community came from far and wide.

Morghan Posthumus and Olivia Heuser after the colour run. Now THIS is a masochistic activity if ever there was one!
Gianmarco and Ethan Gualdi get ready to give as good as they get on the paintball range. Apparently, Money is paid to get and give bruises. Interesting.
Caitlin Pidduck and Tyler le Sar battle it out on the Gladiator mat. Tyler’s swing looks like she means business. This activity was clearly not for cissies.
Wisely, Tyler Human and Ruan Leonard chose the genteel and time honoured pursuit of preparing a potjie. They came second in the youth section.

Reading the exchanges on the PTA Whatsapp group, it was clear a number of people were working very hard to provide a day to be remembered. Decisions were made and changed and better solutions found. The quality of what they produced was on display for all of us to see on the day, and it was fantastic. Well done!

I am sure that all our learners, parents and staff join me in thanking our PTA for their magnificent effort that led to a very successful Family Fun Day. We all know that behind every hard-working PTA mother there stands a supportive husband, patiently lightening the load while his wife works on behalf of the School . . . so thank you Dads and Families for giving Mom up for a few weeks as she centred her efforts on our School. Of course, a very special “Thank you” goes to Reinhard and his incredible team.

There were also a number of sponsors who helped with the cost of the attractions. If this FFD breaks any records, our generous sponsors will have had a lot to do with it. Thank you!

The waterslide was popular
Sasha Hopewell and her unicorn
Real life Chef Paul waits anxiously.
Judges Mariette, Heidi and Andrè making up their minds
Martin and Dean under the microscope

Grade 12 Prelims

Our Grade 12’s are busy with their Prelims / Trials / Mock Exams, call them what you will. They write common papers within the cluster and get a foretaste of the real thing which starts in October.  They even get to write in the Farmers’ Hall as they will later in the year. In the pictures below one can see two young matrics working  assiduously. The photographer was intrigued by the difference between the surfaces of the desks of the boys and the girls. Viva la difference!

Jordan Hansen’s very successful school career indicates that she will do well in November
Head Boy, Boitumelo Mataboge gets to grips with the subject.

Fire Fighting Course

Fighting a fire can be quite a frantic business, so it is important that when you pick up a fire extinguisher you know exactly what to do and in what sequence. The best way to learn is by doing, so yesterday Mr O’Kelly told us, then showed us and finally got us actually to put out a blaze. Our service provider loaned us three extinguishers and our maintenance team helped with the construction of safe fire receptacles.

Mr O’Kelly first ran us through the various types of fires and how best to attack them.
Then we attacked! Mrs Raubenheimer proved more than a match for this petrol blaze and had it subdued in seconds. Then we all had a turn.

Art in the Park

The Grade 6’s were blessed to have their Art lesson in the garden today. Mrs Forster-Towne was showing them how the shadows worked and how to capture these and light and dark shadings on the leaves of the plants.

What a lovely way to enjoy the recent balmy weather.

Mark Godfrey