NEWS LETTER 26 October 2018


On Saturday, the archers of Limpopo will gather in the Waterberg Academy Hall to celebrate the achievements of each School and each archer. No doubt, mention will be made of our newest and latest South African representatives.

We received news earlier this week of the latest Protea and Development selections, and three of our learners have ‘cracked the nod’ for the 2019 team.

Rafologang Buthane has, for the second year, been selected for the NASP South Africa Development Team. Since Rafologang is still only in Grade Nine, he has a further three years to make full Protea colours. We are banking on you, Schapa.

A brand-new selection, but no surprise here, is Bianca Nortje. Bianca has been knocking at the Junior Protea door for some time and was in fine form at the Nationals in the holidays.
Shannon Carlton, for the third year in succession, will shoot for his country next year as a NASP Junior Protea. This is an outstanding achievement, Shannon, made all the more so by the fact that you are now rated number two in the country. Well done!

Shannon Carlton, Bianca Nortje and Rafologang Buthane – we are SO proud of you.
Bianca displaying her excellent form on the 3D range at SA’s.
The photograph below is a clear indication of why the learners at Waterberg Academy have an unfair advantage on the archery range – our teachers and parents are interested enough in the sport to become trained in the higher levels of NASP coaching, and this has a very positive effect on the way our archers’ practice.

Thank you Board Chair Pierre Leonard and Head of Department Academics Ciska Leonard for taking such a dedicated interest in archery. Pierre is also a member of the NASP SA Board. Your level of commitment rubs off on our learners who learn, not from what we say but from what we do!

Ciska and Pierre Leonard receive their BAIT (Basic Archery Instructor Trainer) certificates. On the left is Jannie Massyn, a BAITS and between them stands Wilhelm Greef, President of NASP South Africa.

Basic Baseball – The American Connection

Mr Sundblad teaching basic baseball to the Grade Elevens. Rebecca has a swing with the bat while Roman shows great style – blatless.

Mark Godfrey