NEWS LETTER 24 February 2017


Three areas of outstanding achievement were acknowledged in the assembly this morning.


The first of these was the announcement to the learners that Charlton Mwenesani and Rafologang Buthane had been selected onto the South African NASP Development Team.  They will shoot in an international tournament later in the year.  Well done, Charlton on your second year in this team.  Clearly you are working hard to stay up at the top.  And well done, Rafologang, on making the team for the first time at such a young age.


Charlton and Rafologang – SA Development Archer swith their proud coach – Mr Bridger

Charlton and Rafologang – SA Development Archer swith their proud coach – Mr Bridger

Horse Riding

Lyandi van der Merwe is progressing “in leaps and bounds” in this demanding sport.  At a recent SANESA event she rode in six events and placed 2nd in five of them and 3rd in the other one.  To crown it all, Lyandi received a certificate for the following: BEST WORKING RIDER AT PRIMARY SCHOOL LEVEL IN LIMPOPO IN 2016.

Horse Riding

You are doing SO well, Lyandi. We are proud of you!


For the IEB International Benchmarking Tests in Reasoning and Thinking Skills for Grades 3 and 10 held in November 2016, we have just received astonishingly good results.  This is a collaborative effort between the Australian Education people and the IEB and the tests are taken around the world.  This makes these tests of great value in gauging our educational standards in relation to what you might find elsewhere “on the planet.”



                                                    English                   Mathematics                               Science

Makwidi Kgomontsho                 88%

Kiandra Doubell                                                              100%                                          88%

Carla Jansen van Vuuren           100%                           88%                                          100%


Kiandra, Carla and Makwidi – among the very cleverest on earth!


                                                     English                         Mathematics                       


Wiané van Druten                       82%                          

Nadja Nortje                                 91%                                  89%


Lucy Calcott                                 100%                               100%


Nadja was among the top 1% of learners in Problem Solving.

Lucy was among the top 1% of learners in Critical Thinking.

Lucy was also among the top 1% of Learners overall.


These results would suggest that we are not simply filling up the minds of our learners with facts, which was the educational pattern of a hundred years ago (and is still followed in some schools.)  This is evidence that Waterberg Academy is at the forefront of thinking in education, and doing an excellent job of preparing our learners for life in the 21st century.  Remember, many of our learners will leave school and university to take on jobs that do not even exist yet, and many of the traditional types of work as we know them will have disappeared over the next 12 years. It is essential we equip them to be able to compete successfully in whatever field they one day choose.



English teacher, Janice McBride, Wiané van Druten, Lucy Calcott, Nadja Nortje and Maths teacher Ciska Leonard. Our DREAM TEAM! No pressure, but these numbers speak to very good results in Matric next year.

High School Valentine’s Dance

Before the dancing began last night, a bunch of us teachers were standing on the dance floor and learners were coming up to us and greeting us and shaking our hands and one of the teachers said, “You know, we have got really nice learners this year.”  And I must concur.  Some years back a culture of respect and general “niceness” began more and more to permeate the High School and this year it is even more evident than ever!  And we have some superb boys and girls at the top of the school, young people we can be proud of.

Once we vacated the floor and Moses got into DJ mode, the volume went up and the games began!

Mark Godfrey