NEWS LETTER 22 June 2018

Honours Blazer

To the Headmaster fell the pleasure, at the Monday assembly, of presenting Honours in Archery to Nadja Nortje. We were very pleased to have Nadja’s parents, Delmar and Sandra Nortje, as well the Limpopo NASP Organiser, Heidi Carlton present. After the assembly, our guests, some of the archery coaches and our Head Boy and Head Girl retired to the library to join the Headmaster for tea.

Subsequently, it was confirmed that Nadja has been awarded her NASP Junior Protea colours. She will officially receive her Protea blazer after she has shot her first arrow as part of the NASP South Africa National Team in Calgary, Canada on the 9th of July.

We wish both Nadja and Shannon Carlton everything of the best as they shoot for South Africa from 9 to 11 July. Also, Rafologang Buthane who will also shoot in the same competition as part of the NASP South Africa Development Team. To have three of our learners shooting for South Africa is quite an honour.

Here Nadja is pictured showing off her Honours Blazer. What a lovely note upon which to end her final year at school.

Grade 8 and 9 Camp

Our Grade 8 and 9 groups went to Bushpigs on camp from Monday to Thursday. They were accompanied by Mrs Raubenheimer and Mr Roux, who reported to me that the camp authorities described our learners as the best-behaved group they had had the pleasure of hosting in recent years. Now THAT is news to warm the cockles of any headmaster’s heart!

The activities are run by the camp personnel, and a wide range of these take place. Each is a challenge of ingenuity, and many demand courage and fortitude. Mr Roux reported that his Technology lessons came in particularly useful in the bridge building exercise and that the supervisor remarked that our learners handled this much better than many groups of adults do!

The theory of using a triangle for strength is tested.
This looks complex and definitely requires a team effort.

Grade 10 and 11 Camp

Grades 10 and 11 spent the week at Glenmore Beach on the Natal South Coast. Lucky fishes!!!
They were accompanied by Miss Nicholson and Mr Simiti. This tried and tested venue was once again a winner and our tired and happy seniors arrived back at school in the early hours of this morning. (They were excused from attending School today.)

Plug those holes!
Geography teacher and soccer coach extraordinaire, Mr Simiti takes on the climbing wall.

Congratulations to Deine

There are several of our parents and members of the community who swim up and down our pool during the warmer months. There are one or two who continue to examine that never-ending black line even in the depths of winter. One of those is Deine Lubbe. (The other is his wife, Zadia!)

Not only does Deine work on his fitness regimen all year round, but he also regularly puts it to the test. The latest bit of quality control was a crack at the Comrades Marathon, which Deine finished in 11 hours 6 minutes and 51 seconds. This might be the most popular ultra-marathon in the world, however, it is also unbelievably difficult, and I take my hat off to anyone who runs 90.184 km all in one day.

Well done, Deine.

Mark Godfrey