NEWS LETTER 18 January 2019

Matric Results

Waterberg Academy emerged this year in the list of the top 41 schools in RSA (from 400 schools) and Lucy Calcott was listed among the top 61 learners in the country (from 11 500 matriculants). We were also the only Limpopo school to feature in the IEB’s Outstanding Performance list.
Lucy’s results were by far the best recorded at the Academy in its short existence. Not only was she listed among the learners who scored 6 subjects among the top 5% of marks in RSA, but she had 5 subjects in the top 1% category as well and an average of 92% ! This is amazing, Lucy, and we are all very proud of you

The Matric 2018 class was also pretty impressive. They got a 100% pass rate and a 90% BD rate (university entrance.) Nadja Nortje got 6 distinctions and is confirmed as a Wits Medical School student for this year. Add to this her Junior Protea colours in June, and we have another exceptionally high performing young lady in that group, three others of whom also got a distinction each.

Our two top performers were both educated entirely – from pre-school to matric – at the Academy. No other school had a hand in their education. We did not “buy” them from a poorer school as many high schools do. They were entirely “home grown.” This tells me that you can take you child out of the Academy and put him/her in an expensive school with a fancy name, but he will not get a better education than he will get here. If your child is aiming at top drawer matric results, there is no better place than Waterberg Academy for him to get them.

This is our 2018 Matric group. Head Girl and Outstanding IEB Achiever, Lucy Calcott, is standing at extreme left, and high performer Nadja Nortje is 5th from the left. These two young ladies have done Waterberg Academy proud.

First Day

We have had a very positive start to the year. Our Grade Twelves have adopted the slogan “Lead with Love” and seem to be living up to it. On the first day they visited the Grade Ones and shared with them some stories about and views on the School and their lives here. Later they got to mingle with the entire Junior Preparatory Phase. Well done, Matrics.

Grade Twelve visits with the Junior Preparatory
The Littlies settle in after the long holiday
Grade R exchanging holiday stories
Grade One – Big School at last!
Grade 4 have just made a similarly significant step up.
These learners have now arrived at the top of the Senior Preparatory


Our Grade Eights, or Guppies as they are known for the first three weeks, had their Guppy Camp over last weekend
on Craig and Trish Pidduck’s beautiful farm – Hillsong. This camp was arranged and supervised by Mr Simiti, the
Grade 8 class teacher and Mrs McBride, the Grade 12 class teacher. The Grade Twelves exercised their leadership
role by inaugurating the Guppies into Waterberg Academy High School life and traditions. Thank you, Matrics! And a
special “Thank you” to Mrs McBride and Mr Simiti for giving up their weekends to look after our learners.

This exercise required a great degree of cooperation. The boys had their ankles connected on
a short rope, so doing your own thing was out of the question.

Our Grade Eights are taking their “hardships” in good spirit and the cohesiveness in the group is palpable. This morning at the assembly, Quentin Brugnolo said a few words over his pet rock, Patrick, who had mysteriously died. His eulogy was touching and appreciated by all present


The entire community suffered through the loss of Eskom power as a result of a monumental electric storm at the weekend. Starting up a school without power was quite a challenge, but I must commend our Admin staff and our teachers on the way they circumvented the various difficulties as these arose. Thank you, also, Pierre Leonard, for the loan of a generator which saw us through day 2 of the crisis. And well done to the Boarding Establishment staff and the Kitchen staff for coping under trying circumstances. The restoration of power was not the end of things,
however. The low voltage was a threat to our equipment and we were advised not to use our air conditioners until the voltage reached normal levels. The result has been some very uncomfortable classrooms and some teachers taking their learners to shady spots in the grounds to escape the heat generated where they are unable to set up a through draft.

Grade 12 Business Studies
and Grade 11 English seek relief in the shade.

We hope to be back to normal on Monday, but that depends on Eskom.

PTA Annual General Meeting

The PTA will be holding its AGM at 07h30 on Thursday. It is vital that all parents attend, especially in light of the resignations of Delmar Nortje (Chair) and Mariette Nicholson (Secretary/Treasurer). It is now time for the next generation to take up the baton.

On that note, I would like to thank Delmar for 11 years of service to the Waterberg parents and learners, 8 of these as chairman. Also, thanks are due to Mariette Nicholson for her 11 years on the PTA, many of these as an office bearer. You guys will leave a massive hole.

Mark Godfrey