NEWS LETTER 13 October 2017


Archery gets several pages in this week’s newsletter simply because our archers deserve it!
Last week learners from Waterberg Academy travelled to Port Elizabeth to participate in the NASP Inter Provincial Archery Competition as part of the Limpopo Schools Team on Wednesday 4 October in which 250 archers shot, and then on the Thursday and Friday as a school team in the National Championships, an inter schools competition in which 600 archers from 6 provinces shot. Their many hours of training paid off as the Waterberg Academy Archery team came 2nd in South Africa in the 3D Competition and 3rd in South Africa in the Bull’s Eye Competition. For a school only in its 4th year of doing the sport, this can only be described as phenomenal.

In the Inter Provincials Nadja Nortje, a Grade 11 learner at the Academy, was involved in a shootout to break a tie for a medal position. She emerged with 3rd Senior Girl position and a bronze medal. Nadja is the third best girl archer in South Africa!

The Nationals were divided into two sections, 3D Challenge and Bull’s Eye. In the 3D Challenge, Bianca Nortje, a Grade 8 learner at the Academy, emulated her older sister and came in 3rd place and also got a bronze medal.

In the Senior Challenge (top 5 Senior archers per team), Waterberg Academy’s Nadja Nortje, Bianca Nortje, Wiané van Druten, Charlton Mwenesani and Shannon Carlton placed 2nd.

In the Grade 11 section of the Bullseye Competition Nadja Nortje and Wiané van Druten came 2nd and 3rd respectively.

In the Best Senior Team category (12 archers) Waterberg Academy placed 3rd, and to top it off, they also emerged in 3rd place in the Best Team Overall, Senior and Junior Combined.

In the 3D Challenge, the Waterberg Academy Seniors emerged in 2nd place, and the Seniors and Juniors combined also came 2nd.
To crown all these achievements, Shannon Carlton, a Grade 10 learner, has been confirmed in the South African team for the second year in succession. Team selection is based upon averages shot in competition over the past 12 months. Shannon will shoot in the African All Star Championship in April 2018 and in the World All Star Championship in Canada in July 2018.

The reward for 4 years of hard work by Mr Bridger and the archers.
The reward for 4 years of hard work by Mr Bridger and the archers.

The reward for 4 years of hard work by Mr Bridger and the archers.

Add to the above a screed of medals, and you will have an idea of the excitement which gripped the Monday assembly. We are SO proud of you, Guys. And let us not forget the Juniors, who share intwo of the trophies above for Overall School Team. Four archers shot personal bests, and these, together with all the excellent scores on the day, contributed to the Waterberg Academy success.

Our Stars

Bianca, Shannon and Nadja. Shannon is sporting his Archery Honours Blazer which was awarded to him for getting his South African colours in January.

Bianca, Shannon and Nadja. Shannon is sporting his Archery Honours Blazer which was awarded to him for getting his South African colours in January.

A final word on archery: Well done Archers, well done Mr Bridger, and thank you SO much Heidi Carlton. This has indeed been a team effort by everyone involved.

Matric Valedictory Service

Yesterday we held a very tasteful Valedictory Service for our matrics. The committee room in the
Farmers’ Hall was tastefully decorated, guests were invited, and speeches made. Shane Dowinton
reminded the group of five things they could take from the Academy as they went forward into life:

  • Cultural diversity
  • Sense of family
  • Honour others
  • Waterberg natural beauty
  • God, a Father who loves you

Ayden Walker was the Valedictorian appointed by his class to speak their swansong. Among the
many things he said were these pearls of wisdom:

  • Procrastination is not your friend.
  • You are a work in progress — don’t expect to get everything right the first time.
  • Parents are smarter than they appear.
  • No one is holding you back.
  • And – Don’t let crowds define you.

The Headmaster assured the Matrics that they have what it takes to be successful – financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Mrs Leonard and Mrs Raubenheimer joined forces to set up a beautiful venue. We had two grandparents join us in Clive Walker and Jenny Dowinton, and the Board Chair and several members and their wives were present. Combined, this gave the occasion a certain “gravitas” of which all were very conscious.

Shane Dowinton gives his message

Shane Dowinton gives his message

The Matrics, looking very smart

The Matrics, looking very smart


NEWS LETTER 13 October 2017-30

Rachel Calcott (Matric 2017) spoke in the assembly about her experience in Borneo with Raleigh International. She shared a number of slides using power point and managed to give her audience a very real sense of the programme, its joys and its challenges.

The part of her 9 weeks that made the most impression on her was the community outreach. At the end of her presentation, Rachel invited the learners to join her in a practical project on Boschdraai, and 20 young people went forward to involve themselves in assisting a family that is in desperate need of a new house, donations for which are already pouring in.

It has become a tradition for the Grade Twelves to “Pass on the flame of Endurance” at their final assembly. This was done today in a moving ceremony at the end of the assembly. Above is a sequence of photographs showing Mrs Leonard lighting the flames of the Matrics, the Matrics passing on the flames to the Grade Elevens, and Moses enjoying a last few moments in the limelight!

The fact that the candles were kept burning long past the end of the assembly speaks volumes about the closeness of these two groups and their sense of loss at the forthcoming departure of the Matrics.