NEWS LETTER 08 March 2019


At this time of the year we visit preparatory schools and market the Academy with a view to attracting learners into our High School for the following year. Many prep schools in the area feel that they are closely linked to their local High School and do not afford us the opportunity of speaking to their learners. However, we were able to visit Lephalale Primary School, Eugene Marais and Euphorbia in Mookgopong, and Laerskool Vaalwater.

On each of these visits I took Miss Nicholson along so that the youngsters could identify with someone closer to their own age. On our first outing to Lephalale Primary School, Miss Nicholson took the floor near the end and what she had to say and the way she said it made it almost impossible for the teachers present to clear the Grade 6 and 7 learners from the hall!

Miss Nicholson has a real gift for reaching young people and they fell under her spell. In fact, I have been doing these visits for 6 years and this year we had the best response we have ever had. That is partly because of our presentation and partly because Waterberg Academy has been making rather large waves in the academic world and in the individual sports – archery in particular. The kids now KNOW about us.

On Tuesday evening we held a cocktail marketing evening at The Junction in Lephalale. I want to thank all our Lephalale parents who came out to meet with our visitors. Many families brought their kids along and I want also to say, “Well done,” to those young people who came and sat through the evening. And a final thank you to our staff, the members of our Board, and our Head Boy and Head Girl, who were present.

In this picture we can see Mrs Leonard, Mrs Raubenheimer, Mrs De Klerk, Dr Mohlabi, Malose Mohlabi, Mrs. Mohlabi, San-Marie Stegmann (obscured) and Boitumelo Mataboge (blurred by movement)
In this picture we can see Mrs Leonard, Mrs Raubenheimer, Mrs De Klerk, Dr Mohlabi, Malose Mohlabi, Mrs. Mohlabi, San-Marie Stegmann (obscured) and Boitumelo Mataboge (blurred by movement)

Tomorrow, Mrs Swales and Mr O’Kelly will be attending the MUDDY BUDDY Family Fun Day in Lephalale to do a little marketing. Two of our learners and an adult will be entering the 13h00 Fun Race. They have asked that any Academy learners in Lephalale who are interested join them.

Boarding Establishment Stayovers

Our archers are going to Rustenburg to shoot in a competition tomorrow. The bus will be departing at 04h00 and some of the archers will be sleeping over in the Boarding Establishment to facilitate this. This is a service we offer to our parents to obviate the necessity of driving around late at night or very early in the morning.

Instances where this service becomes useful are such things as early departures of the bus to sporting fixtures, learner functions that end late (Valentine and Spring dances), or simply when Mom and Dad need to be away for a night and prefer not to leave their children on the farm alone.

The procedure to follow if you wish to make use of this service is to email the office for permission at least 24 hours before the time of the stayover and stipulate the meals that your child should be given. Please note that meals are charged at R25 each.

In addition, we do not charge for the stayover, only the meals. This service is in place to assist parents in times of need and is definitely not for recreational purposes.

A Big Day

Joshua Hopewell celebrated his birthday yesterday with his Grade Two classmates. My, but they grow up quickly!
Joshua Hopewell celebrated his birthday yesterday with his Grade Two classmates. My, but they grow up quickly!

Class Visits

Grade 9 Mathematics
Grade 9 Mathematics
Grade 6 Mathematics
Grade 6 Mathematics

Horse Riding

A N Other, Lyandi van der Merwe and Carla Leonard pose for a photograph before their lesson this week at the new Riding School at the Leonard Stables.
A N Other, Lyandi van der Merwe and Carla Leonard pose for a photograph before their lesson this week at the new Riding School at the Leonard Stables.


Chantal Prinsloo, Ciska Leonard and Lanchè Lötter shot in the first ever NASP ADULTS Competition to be held in Limpopo. Mrs Leonard won and Mrs Lötter placed third.
Chantal Prinsloo, Ciska Leonard and Lanchè Lötter shot in the first ever NASP ADULTS Competition to be held in Limpopo. Mrs Leonard won and Mrs Lötter placed third.
Young Ruan Leonard (Grade 5) is going places in the field of archery. At the weekend he placed 1st overall in both the Bullseye Competition and the 3D Competition. Overall means under 21, nogal! Ruan is only 10 years old and already represent Limpopo in the Junior High (Under 21) Team. We wait with bated breath to see when he will gain national selection.

Young Ruan Leonard (Grade 5) is going places in the field of archery. At the weekend he placed 1st overall in both the Bullseye Competition and the 3D Competition. Overall means under 21, nogal!

Ruan is only 10 years old and already represent Limpopo in the Junior High (Under 21) Team. We wait with bated breath to see when he will gain national selection.

Mark Godfrey

NEWS LETTER 18 January 2019

Matric Results

Waterberg Academy emerged this year in the list of the top 41 schools in RSA (from 400 schools) and Lucy Calcott was listed among the top 61 learners in the country (from 11 500 matriculants). We were also the only Limpopo school to feature in the IEB’s Outstanding Performance list.
Lucy’s results were by far the best recorded at the Academy in its short existence. Not only was she listed among the learners who scored 6 subjects among the top 5% of marks in RSA, but she had 5 subjects in the top 1% category as well and an average of 92% ! This is amazing, Lucy, and we are all very proud of you

The Matric 2018 class was also pretty impressive. They got a 100% pass rate and a 90% BD rate (university entrance.) Nadja Nortje got 6 distinctions and is confirmed as a Wits Medical School student for this year. Add to this her Junior Protea colours in June, and we have another exceptionally high performing young lady in that group, three others of whom also got a distinction each.

Our two top performers were both educated entirely – from pre-school to matric – at the Academy. No other school had a hand in their education. We did not “buy” them from a poorer school as many high schools do. They were entirely “home grown.” This tells me that you can take you child out of the Academy and put him/her in an expensive school with a fancy name, but he will not get a better education than he will get here. If your child is aiming at top drawer matric results, there is no better place than Waterberg Academy for him to get them.

This is our 2018 Matric group. Head Girl and Outstanding IEB Achiever, Lucy Calcott, is standing at extreme left, and high performer Nadja Nortje is 5th from the left. These two young ladies have done Waterberg Academy proud.

First Day

We have had a very positive start to the year. Our Grade Twelves have adopted the slogan “Lead with Love” and seem to be living up to it. On the first day they visited the Grade Ones and shared with them some stories about and views on the School and their lives here. Later they got to mingle with the entire Junior Preparatory Phase. Well done, Matrics.

Grade Twelve visits with the Junior Preparatory
The Littlies settle in after the long holiday
Grade R exchanging holiday stories
Grade One – Big School at last!
Grade 4 have just made a similarly significant step up.
These learners have now arrived at the top of the Senior Preparatory


Our Grade Eights, or Guppies as they are known for the first three weeks, had their Guppy Camp over last weekend
on Craig and Trish Pidduck’s beautiful farm – Hillsong. This camp was arranged and supervised by Mr Simiti, the
Grade 8 class teacher and Mrs McBride, the Grade 12 class teacher. The Grade Twelves exercised their leadership
role by inaugurating the Guppies into Waterberg Academy High School life and traditions. Thank you, Matrics! And a
special “Thank you” to Mrs McBride and Mr Simiti for giving up their weekends to look after our learners.

This exercise required a great degree of cooperation. The boys had their ankles connected on
a short rope, so doing your own thing was out of the question.

Our Grade Eights are taking their “hardships” in good spirit and the cohesiveness in the group is palpable. This morning at the assembly, Quentin Brugnolo said a few words over his pet rock, Patrick, who had mysteriously died. His eulogy was touching and appreciated by all present


The entire community suffered through the loss of Eskom power as a result of a monumental electric storm at the weekend. Starting up a school without power was quite a challenge, but I must commend our Admin staff and our teachers on the way they circumvented the various difficulties as these arose. Thank you, also, Pierre Leonard, for the loan of a generator which saw us through day 2 of the crisis. And well done to the Boarding Establishment staff and the Kitchen staff for coping under trying circumstances. The restoration of power was not the end of things,
however. The low voltage was a threat to our equipment and we were advised not to use our air conditioners until the voltage reached normal levels. The result has been some very uncomfortable classrooms and some teachers taking their learners to shady spots in the grounds to escape the heat generated where they are unable to set up a through draft.

Grade 12 Business Studies
and Grade 11 English seek relief in the shade.

We hope to be back to normal on Monday, but that depends on Eskom.

PTA Annual General Meeting

The PTA will be holding its AGM at 07h30 on Thursday. It is vital that all parents attend, especially in light of the resignations of Delmar Nortje (Chair) and Mariette Nicholson (Secretary/Treasurer). It is now time for the next generation to take up the baton.

On that note, I would like to thank Delmar for 11 years of service to the Waterberg parents and learners, 8 of these as chairman. Also, thanks are due to Mariette Nicholson for her 11 years on the PTA, many of these as an office bearer. You guys will leave a massive hole.

Mark Godfrey

Yale University Accepted Rachel Calcott – 2016 Matriculant

Thursday 14th December 2017

Waterberg Academy is pleased to announce that at midnight tonight Yale University selected its very first student ever from Limpopo province, and that student we are proud to say is a product of Waterberg Academy! Nearly 100 000 quality candidates from across the world applied for only just 1 500 placements at Yale – and our school got one of those. Congratulations Rachel Calcott who Matriculated in the 2016 Academic year. Rachel will commence her studies in September 2018 at Yale University which is situated close to New York in the city of New Haven, Connecticut.

Yale University Accepted - Rachel Calcott 2016 Matriculant

Yale University Accepted –

Rachel Calcott 2016 Matriculant

Hear about her experiences in the video clip directly below.

Matric Results – 2018 Our Top Performers Lucy Calcott and Nadja Nortje

Waterberg Academy is among the top 41 IEB schools listed in RSA and the only IEB Private School in Limpopo listed among the top 5% in RSA

Lucy Calcott and Nadja Nortje

Lucy Calcott

Nadja Nortje

Accepted into WITS Medical School 2019











Life Orientation



Physical Sciences



Life Sciences






Lucy also came in the top 5% in RSA in 6 subjects and in the top 1% in RSA in 5 subjects.

NEWS LETTER 05 Desember 2018

Nativity and Carols Evening

The Teachers Group: Mrs Calcott, Mrs Leonard, Mr Roux, Mr Roth, Mr Sulo and Mr Simiti.

Grade R Graduation

Junior Preparatory

The Grade Ones show off their certificates with their teacher and HOD, Mrs van Niekerk.

Senior Preparatory Prize

Ds. Ernest Vogt delivers his speech to the learners. Ds. Vogt was our Senior Preparatory Guest of Honour.
Top Achievers – Nomusa Funyufunyu G6, Makwidi Kgo-montsho G5, Kabelo Mohlabi G7 & Caitlin Pidduck G4 with HOD Mr O’Kelly.
Citizenship Award G5 – Mia du Preez.
Farewell and thanks for your sterling work – Mariette Nicholson – PTA Secretary and a parent here for 12 years.
Mr Brugnolo helped with the swimming training. Here he receives a thank you gift from son, Quentin.

High School Prize Giving

Jana Leonard was Top Achiever in Grade 8. Here she is congratulated by HOD Academics and her mother, Ciska Leonard.
Bianca Nortje was Top Achiever in Grade 9.
Mirriam Mpete was Top AchieverIn Grade 10. In this picture she isteacher Janice McBride for also winning the Senior Drama prize.
Lucy Calcott was the DUX with an average of 96%. Here she is congratulated by guest of honour - Clive Walker.
Boitumelo Mataboge and San-Marie Stegmann were appointed Head Boy and Head Girl for 2019. San-Marie was also Top Achiever in Grade 11.


By the time you receive this newsletter, the Christmas holiday will be in full swing with just the reports to be collected on Thursday. Please collect these between 08h00 an 10h00 on Thursday 6 December 2018. The HODs will be onsite to hand these out at each phase block. High School reports will be available at Mrs Leonard’s classroom, Senior Preparatory reports will be available from Mr O’Kelly’s classroom, Junior Preparatory reports from Mrs van Niekerk’s classroom and the Pre-Preparatory reports from Mrs Joan Leonard’s classroom.

If you are unable to collect the report yourself, you may nominate someone to do that for you IN WRITING to Solita at You may, if travelling away on an extended holiday, request in writing at the same email address that your report be emailed to you and then collect the hard copy when returning to School next year.

May I take this opportunity to wish all our learners, parents, staff and friends a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year. May 2019 bring to you all that you wish.

Mark Godfrey

NEWS LETTER 26 October 2018


On Saturday, the archers of Limpopo will gather in the Waterberg Academy Hall to celebrate the achievements of each School and each archer. No doubt, mention will be made of our newest and latest South African representatives.

We received news earlier this week of the latest Protea and Development selections, and three of our learners have ‘cracked the nod’ for the 2019 team.

Rafologang Buthane has, for the second year, been selected for the NASP South Africa Development Team. Since Rafologang is still only in Grade Nine, he has a further three years to make full Protea colours. We are banking on you, Schapa.

A brand-new selection, but no surprise here, is Bianca Nortje. Bianca has been knocking at the Junior Protea door for some time and was in fine form at the Nationals in the holidays.
Shannon Carlton, for the third year in succession, will shoot for his country next year as a NASP Junior Protea. This is an outstanding achievement, Shannon, made all the more so by the fact that you are now rated number two in the country. Well done!

Shannon Carlton, Bianca Nortje and Rafologang Buthane – we are SO proud of you.
Bianca displaying her excellent form on the 3D range at SA’s.
The photograph below is a clear indication of why the learners at Waterberg Academy have an unfair advantage on the archery range – our teachers and parents are interested enough in the sport to become trained in the higher levels of NASP coaching, and this has a very positive effect on the way our archers’ practice.

Thank you Board Chair Pierre Leonard and Head of Department Academics Ciska Leonard for taking such a dedicated interest in archery. Pierre is also a member of the NASP SA Board. Your level of commitment rubs off on our learners who learn, not from what we say but from what we do!

Ciska and Pierre Leonard receive their BAIT (Basic Archery Instructor Trainer) certificates. On the left is Jannie Massyn, a BAITS and between them stands Wilhelm Greef, President of NASP South Africa.

Basic Baseball – The American Connection

Mr Sundblad teaching basic baseball to the Grade Elevens. Rebecca has a swing with the bat while Roman shows great style – blatless.

Mark Godfrey

NEWS LETTER 12 October 2018


26 Waterberg Academy archers travelled to Rustenburg during the October holidays and spent three days shooting. The Inter Provincials was held on the first day and the South African Championships was held over the next two days. Our archers did exceptionally well.

Phillip Nicholson

2nd boy Grade 7 and 2nd overall In the Primary Schools

Bianca Nortje

1st Girl Grade 9

Nadja Nortje

2nd GirlGrade 12 and 2nd overall Senior Girls.
Ruan, Nicolas, Phillip, Shannon, Nadja, Bianca and Miss Nicholson (Coach) after winning 2nd place Junior High Team and 2nd place Overall Team in the 3D Competition.
Lynette, Siphe, Nomusa, AN Other, Katlego, Monde, AN Other, Nangi, Karabo and Mrs Leonard (Coach) after winning 3rd overall Development Team. In fact, 10 of the twelve Development Team archers were from Waterberg Academy

Mountain Biking

Livingstone Banda was our lone representative at the South African Mountain Biking Championships at Bekker High School in Magaliesburg. On Friday 5 October he rode in the Schools’ Championships. In his race there were eighty riders and Livvy placed 38th. He was also the first Limpopo rider across the line. On the Saturday Livvy came 24th, with the other two team riders 13th and 15th.

Here Livingstone is racing for the Academy.
Posing in his Limpopo strip after the inter provincial race.

Matric Valedictory Service

Dr Philip Calcott gives the Matrics some advice.
Head Girl, Lucy Calcott, gives the valedictory address.

Final Matric Assembly

Mr Bridger passes on the flame of endurance . . .
and the Matrics pass it on to the Grade 11’s

Pupil Free Day

Staff development will take place on Thursday 18 October, therefore there will be no school on that day.

Mark Godfrey

NEWS LETTER 21 September 2018

Mountain Biking

Three mountain bikers represented the Academy at Ellisras High School on Saturday. This was probably the best organized of all the SPUR Schools MTB Cross Country meetings ever. The main field looked more impressive than a formula one race track with 400 riders and 800 parents and coaches. Carla Jansen van Vuuren did us proud by winning her race. In fact, Carla has won all four of these events this year, making her the undisputed U/12 Girls champion. Livingston Banda came fourth in the U/15 and U/16 group and in so doing accumulated enough points to get him through to third spot on the Limpopo U/15 team. Scott McBride rode his first ever mountain bike race for the School and added one point to our points aggregate. Well done, all three of you!

Carla and Livingstone will compete in the South African MTB Cross Country Championships at Bekker High School in October.

Carla won her race and got her Limpopo colours
Livingstone makes his Limpopo colours.
Carla is now in a class of her own.
Livvy raced from start to finish and beat no. 4 by mere centimetres.
Scotty enjoying his race.
MTB is a brilliant family sport.

Music Evening

Phil Calcott with Lucy off camera.
Renè and Tairona collaborating.
The junior preparatory choir.
Solly Nkhumane – musician extraordinaire.
ROL Records have become a fixture at our Music Evenings – complete with screaming following.

World Rhino Day

Jessica Babich brought together a number of key role players in the fight against the slaughter of an important part of our South African heritage – the rhino. Headed up by K9 Security and supported by the South African Police Services and a local helicopter pilot, after some demonstrations of anti-hijacking, the efficacy of both sniffer and attack dogs and a drill display by Working on Fire, a spectacular joint operation was staged with eight “poachers”, rhino security, snipers, security units, SAPS and a private helicopter.

The rifle “fire” was loud and got everyone’s attention from the first shot. Then there were smoke grenades, some thunder flashes, and automatic fire from the circling helicopter with two security officers harnessed and on the skids. This was an astonishing display. The deployment of this level of defence by so many co-operating groups will go a long way to saving our rhinos.

He doesn’t let grass grow under his feet.
The “ poachers” close in.
Mayhem ensues as the poachers attack time and again.
The rhinos are safe and the “ poachers” are all down. . .
. . . and the attack dogs mop up the fugitive (suited up for the exercise.)

Presentation of NASP Limpopo Colours in Archery

The Limpopo Development Team complete with coach – congratulations Mrs Leonard.
The NASP Limpopo Senior Primary Team. Coach – Miss Nicholson was absent.
Some of the NASP Limpopo Junior High School Team. Several were absent from assembly today.

Mark Godfrey

NEWS LETTER 03 August 2018

The Selfish Ladybug

The entrance to. . .

a magical world. . .

peopled by butterflies, insects and frogs.

The play, for which the Junior Prep has been rehearsing the entire year, was staged this week and was a great success. The props were totally amazing. Well done, Mrs van Niekerk and your helpers. The backdrop was stunning, Thank you Mrs Mason. The music was perfect, thank you Mrs Stegmann – especially for coming to school every day to practice with the learners. The costumes were superlative, Thank you mothers and costumiers. The décor was wild. Thank you, the decorating team.

A school stage production requires input from a great number of people. The many rehearsals to get the performers up to speed and the amount of time required to prepare props and costumes is staggering. For our delightful play the time was dedicated, and practicing was relentless. The Junior Prep learners sang the songs every day and the High School learned them involuntarily. Well done, High School, for encouraging instead of complaining. The end result was a show to be remembered.

Mountain Biking

On Saturday, mountain bikers of all ages converged on Merensky High School in Tzaneen to compete in the SPUR Schools Mountain Biking XCO. The race started on the Merensky playing fields and then headed off into an avocado orchard with some interesting twists and turns. This particular race is known as the Tour de Plaas.

Carla Jansen van Vuuren, no. 3 U/12 Girl in the country at present, won her race comfortably by taking the lead on an uphill just 500m in. She kept the second girl behind her until the last kilometre, then she poured on the gas on the final climb and opened a 300m gap. Well done, Carla!

Livingstone Banda rode in the Boys U/16 category, which is very competitive. He was 21st at the 200m mark, managed safely to negotiate a pile-up on the first sharp corner, and finished the first lap in 11th position. At the end of the full three laps, Livvy had managed to improve his placing to 9th. What impressed me was that Livvy left it all out on the track. He fell down at the end of the race and was unable to get up for a full ten minutes. Well done, Livvy!

Carla maintains her lead.
Livvy at the end of the first lap.

Physical Sciences

You will remember from your days studying Physical Science that an exothermic reaction is a chemical reaction which releases heat. The Grade Elevens tested this with some granular chlorine and water, and what better place for it than the swimming pool.

Mr Sithole dishes out hth to Michael, Rebecca and San-Marie (obscured).
The moment of truth. And . . . it works!


Computer Room Upgrade

The current computers were donated by a past parent in 2010 and can no longer be upgraded. For 2019 we need to replace all the desktop computers in our Computer Room. Further, we need to acquire 15 tablets/iPads for our learners. These items need to be included in next year’s budget. If anyone can help with a contact to keep these costs to a minimum, please contact Mrs Swales or myself.

Mark Godfrey

NEWS LETTER 20 July 2018


On Wednesday we received the news that Nadja Nortje, who is the holder of a Waterberg Academy Educational Trust Scholarship and has full colours for Academics, has been accepted into the WITS Medical School. This faculty has very high entrance requirements and we are proud of Nadja, and of course, this little school of excellence.

Nadja, positively glowing with delight.

Mountain Biking

Carla Jansen van Vuuren in Grade 5 has just won her Limpopo Provincial colours in Mountain Biking. She participated in the Limpopo MTB Series and after 5 events finished 1st on the points log. She also won the Limpopo Championship (U/12) that was held on Saturday 23 June.

Today she left for Bloemfontein where she will ride tomorrow in the South African Championships.


Our Junior Protea archers did very well in Canada, winning a silver medal in the bullseye competition. Nadja shot her personal best and positioned at 2nd girl in the South African Team and 5th girl in the world. Well done, Nadja! Yes, this is the same Nadja pictured above for her academic achievement. The world is your oyster, Nadja. Open it with great care.

Shannon also shot “out of his skin” and I am told positioned 8th in the world.

The Development team were also very successful, winning silver in their 3D Competition.


Our contribution to Mandela Day went off very well. We collected a bakkie load of non-perishable groceries and the CEO of the Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis was both pleased and grateful for our efforts. Their government financial assistance covers approximately half of the cost of looking after a child. They need to raise R5 million per annum and our contribution would translate to several thousands in monetary terms.

Thank you, Waterberg Academy and Parents, for your generosity.

After the presentation I took Mrs and Mr van der Merwe to my office for tea and Mr Manie van der Merwe couldn’t stop commenting on the behaviour and manners of our learners. He is a member of the SAPS Child Protection Unit and goes into many schools to speak to the learners, and he said he has never come across a place like the Academy. High praise indeed – praise to be proud of. I think it had been Quinn who started the ball rolling by coming up to shake our hands and greet our guests. Then everyone else had showed why we are such a happy school.

Well done, Guys!

Mrs Gerda van der Merwe receives the non-perishables from our learners on behalf of her 170 young charges.

Inter House Soccer and Netball

Here, Katlego gets one past Boitumelo. And yes, that is the talented Kgaugelo in Grade 3 among the big boys. Kirkman won 4 – 2.

The Senior Preparatory game was also won by
Kirkman, 2 – 0.

The Girls reversed the trend, and Davidson won both the High School and the Senior Prep Inter House games.


Grades 0000 to 00 are looking for suitable reading books for their library. If you have books these littlies can follow (ages 3 to 5), please send them to the office and we will ensure that they get to Mrs Van Dyk’s classroom.

Mark Godfrey