Headmasters Newsletter 7 November 2014

Some Photos of Entrepreneurs’ Day


Tennis “Safari”

Our tennis players had a wonderful weekend. With the Gerrie Dippenaar coaches, they practiced tennis at the
Farmers’ Hall as usual on Friday – with a bit of fun injected – then they went to Lindani where they spent the night at
The Loft.


WA Tennis Players And Emma.

It would appear that ten­nis is not all run­ning around and hit­ting a lit­tle lumi­nous yel­low ball

Denise and Simone did the refreshments.

Boarders’ Visit to Ant’s Nest

Some of our boarders went to Ant’s Nest on Sunday to do some game viewing on horseback. On the way to the
lodge, they stopped the car to observe some rhinos and Robyn saw a leopard alight from a tree on her side of the car
and run off into the bush. Later, they got within metres of rhinos while on their horses. The good news is that two
more boarders have been invited for next weekend.


Boarders and teachers at Ant’s Nest


 If you look closely, you will see 3 rhi­nos beyond Robyn. What a lovely mem­ory to take from your School


In the Nissan Trailseeker #5 Down and Dirty MTB last weekend, Andrew Eager did 70 km in 3:05:50,
Ron Schulz did 30 km in 2:02:01, and Birgit did 30 km in 2:14:53. Over 10 km Alexander did 41:35 and Gaby did
42:12. Alex was 4th in his category and Gaby was 2nd in hers. Sadly, we do not have any pictures of this race to share
with you.


As always, we are VERY proud of our archers. They shoot so well and look so cool! Just look at Richie and Ruben
leaning on that heart-shot bear (you might need to enlarge the picture a bit to get the full effect.)


TK – 2nd over all! Watch out, boys.

Our archers and some seriously inanimate animals. Those are arrows.

Heidi and Shannon – who is proud of whom?

The results went like this: WA 2nd and 4th teams; TK 2nd over all (the other 2 on the podium shot at nationals the
week before); Shannon best Junior (the bow is his prize).
I made sure that there is a picture of Heidi this week because she tried to slip under the radar but was given up by
Mariette, proof that you can keep nothing secret in a small community. At the Nationals in Cape Town last week
Heidi was given a special award (in absentia) for her huge contribution to archery over the last year. And of course,
Waterberg Academy has been the chief beneficiary of all that energy and hard work. Well done, Heidi!

Dam Swim

On Tuesday a group of our swimmers went to the Van Druten’s farm where they did a 1,4 km swim across a dam –
this in preparation for the Ebenezer Mile next year. Some of the swimmers were put off by the sheer distance.
However, they all swam and the objective of building confidence in swimmers – who regularly do 1,6 to 1,9 km at
training sessions in the pool – was achieved.


Retang is all smiles after 1,4km

The swimmers and their safety team.

Mark Godfrey