Headmasters Newsletter 6 February 2015


Lucy Calcott receives her Trinity College of London Music certificate for Grade 4 Piano. Well done, Lucy!


Oliver Moorcroft of Standard Bank speaks at the official opening of the two new classrooms.

Teachers, learners and parents listen.


Marketing at Glenanda Primary School in Linmeyer

Marketing at Glenanda Primary School Expo

There was huge interest in our “School in the Bushveld” concept. In fact, the principal of a new boys’ school start-up in a nature reserve in the area spent some time unashamedly picking my brain for ideas so they could better use their environmental advantage. Our stand was by far the best looking at the Expo, even without the eagle that normally accompanies us. We made young visitors guess what was preserved in the bottle. If you want to know, come and visit our Life Science laboratory.

Mark Godfrey