Headmasters Newsletter 31 October 2014

Matric Exams

Our Matrics kicked off with Afrikaans on Monday. While many of you were asleep and tucked up in your beds, enjoying the last day of the leave out weekend, our matrics and three staff members were ensuring that the core business of the school was going ahead – producing graduates with an IEB matric certificate to prove that they have received a quality education.

Foundation Phase Water Cooler

With the money collected from their Swimathon, the Foundation Phase has purchased a water cooler – just in time for the arrival of summer.

Goodness, that tastes good (Gr 1)!

Goodness, that tastes good (Gr 1)!

Some Grade 2 learners sample the cool water.

Talks by Rhona van Niekerk

With the threats to our children posed by the internet, facebook, twitter and the like, several parents asked the School to embark on some form of education on the safe and proper use of these realms, especially among the younger, less savvy learners. Mrs Rhona van Niekerk, who specializes in the subject, came to speak throughout Thursday to separate age groups on the above subject, and at 14h30 she addressed parents, giving them advice on how to manage the above with their own children.

The School is very grateful for such assistance from a professional. We often get the sense that modern parents tend to shift parenting responsibilities onto the school where we would think these are more the prerogative of the family. So, Mums and Dads, the birds and the bees remain in your zone – and we are supportive but relieved.

However, the ever expanding universe of IT does happen here as well as at home, so it is good to agree with parents on strategies to manage it and safeguard our learners and your children.

Kirkman House

Dr Peter Farrant was quite moved by the choice of the Kirkman family name as one of our sport houses and some time ago offered to come to school and do a presentation on the family Kirkman and what was achieved in their name in and for Vaalwater. Dr Farrant was heard to greet many a former patient (he is a local paediatrician) as the learners entered the hall, and at the end, presented the School with a beautifully framed collage of photographs of various prominent members of the Kirkman family. He also presented us with a copy of the book From Manchester to Albany and Beyond which is a genealogy and chronicle of the 1820 settler John Kirkman and his descendants.After the Head has read it, this interesting book with its multitude of links to people, names and events with which we are all familiar, will be placed in the library.

This historic occasion (the cementing of a tradition which will quite possibly last as long as the School) was attended also by Janet, Nick and Candice Farrant. James Zeederberg, who is also a Kirkman family descendant, sent his apologies. After the presentation, over tea, we took the Farrants into our Life Sciences Laboratory to dazzle them with Science (and the SMART Interactive Board in that room). There was also a massive ox heart waiting for dissection by Fabiano de Wet which seemed to appeal to the cattle farmer in Nick.

Foundation Phase Splish Splash Gala


These guys needed help . . .

. . . but these did not.


The top swimmers in the Junior Prep slugged it out in the pool in all four strokes. Well done!

Lindani Donation to Waterberg Academy Education Trust


On Wednesday last week, Sam van Coller, owner of Lindani and Race host, Jane Leonard from Jembisa which was one of the sponsors, Laura Dowinton, member of the Waterberg Academy Education Trust, Marina Els, SchoolManagement, and I met for the handover of a donation for R5 727.50 to the Trust.

The Staff, learners and parents of Waterberg Academy wish to thank Sam van Coller of Lindani, and the owners and managers of the lodges who all donated a percentage of their accommodation takings over the Race weekend to be shared between two schools – the Academy being one of them. Thank you Lindani, Jembisa, Moonriver Bungalows, Madikela, Waterberg Natuurpraal, Kgama, Matamba Bush Camp, Eventiera, Waterberg Cottages and Zeederberg Cottages for your generosity. Thanks also to our PTA and Foundation Phase teachers for their hard work over the Race weekend, which keeps this relationship open.

Foundation Phase Entrepreneurs’ Day

On Friday our junior entrepreneurs turned on the charm and parted parents, teachers and other and older learners from some of their money, all in the name of entrepreneurship. The busiest spot seemed to be Ruben’s le Roux’s catapult shooting gallery. The greatest entrepreneurial spirit was shown by the pre-schoolers who got their parents and teachers to sit behind their stalls while they played elsewhere – just like baby birds getting the adults to collect their food! If I can get hold of some photographs of this event they will be included in the next newsletter.

We had three significant activities happening over the weekend, so watch out for more news on Friday.