Headmasters Newsletter 27 February 2015

Open Day

Friday 13 march has been set aside as an Open Day. This is a day for visitors to the Academy to see at first hand just what we are about. It is also an opportunity for our own parents to visit their children’s classes and see what they have been doing so far this year. As is our custom, we will stage certain sports activities and lessons at predetermined times throughout the day. The timetable for these activities will be circulated on the D6 communicator in the days before the Open Day. These activities may be of particular interest to parents whose children will be moving up to a higher phase of the School next year. We have also sent an Open Day flyer home with each learner today. Once you have read it, please pass this flyer on to someone whom you think may be interested in the Academy, in this way supporting the massive marketing efforts which have been made by staff and senior learners in the last 5 weeks.

Hats for the Hut

The hats pictured below were donated to the School and we applied the Academy badge. This limited edition is now on offer at R120.00 each and are obtainable from the office. All proceeds are going towards the cost of the guard hut we need at the main gate. The hat is adjustable to fit adults to children.


Seth and Mary showing us how these hats will keep the sun off!

Second Hand Clothing Sale

Tannie Marie and Mrs van Rensburg will place second hand clothing (unclaimed lost property and donations) on tables on the Admin Block verandah on Monday and Tuesday morning, 9 and 10 March in time for drop off time. All items will be on sale at giveaway prices. Please do stop by and see if there is anything that will fit your child(ren).


We are hosting an Inter Schools Athletics Meeting today and a big Limpopo Schools Archery Contest tomorrow. Next week we can enjoy the results of these.


The replacement of the garage doors on the north wall of the hall has been completed. Jeran le Roux picked this one up and he had a team of men working here every day throughout the leave-out weekend to get things done by the time we reopened on Tuesday. He also made use of windows removed from the Foundation Phase classrooms when we built the storerooms onto them in 2013. The end result is both attractive and practical, and the Dining Room and Art Room are now safe. Jeran has said he is looking for a better colour match for the walls, but when you see him over the next few days, do take the time to join me in thanking him for this service to the School, and by implication, to each one of us.


A very familiar face around the School, all too often involved in some building or maintenance, is that of Angus Frew. Angus has taken on the task of fencing the Foundation Phase playground so that once our young learners are delivered to that part of the School, they will be unable to “escape” into the parking area where there is the potential for harm. Angus has very cleverly come up with a way to utilize the material on site and he and his team have been busily sawing poles and bolting them into an upright position to save on fencing posts. The short uprights at the front will remain in situ to retain a safe walkway from the cars to the gates. Thank you, Angus, for yet another project to add to your very long list.


The new fence takes shape.

Diskonto Books

The visit by Diskonto Books is an annual event. They will be here on Monday and Tuesday and their books will be on display in the Hall. If you would like to buy for your family, please feel free to do so. In addition, the School is always grateful for any books bought on its behalf and Diskonto offers especially reduced prices with this in mind, as well as giving us a “commission in books” at the end of the 2 days.

Mark Godfrey