Headmaster’s News Letter – 1 August 2014

Last week was extremely busy as we had our two mentors on campus to conduct their part of the IQAA Evaluation process on Thursday, and many changes had to be put in place to accommodate them.

As a consequence, the newsletter had to be rushed on Friday (it is usually a week long effort with just the finishing touches being put to it at the week’s end) and I missed two important items. We will start with those today.

IQAA Evaluation

At this point, our Internal Evaluation Team is busy writing their report on their findings. Once this is complete, it will be submitted to IQAA for their input, and thereafter we will have an idea of how well we are doing and what we can do to improve on this.

It has been a long and difficult process and the entire team will be relieved when it is finally over.

Taildraggers’ Fly-in

This annual event was once again held in Modimolle and we sent our boarders along to enjoy the sight of some really interesting aircraft and to mingle with the flying community. Young Phillip Nicholson was fortunate to get a ride in a Pitts Special. Owner and pilot Capt. Ivan van der Schaar invited Phillip to fly with him because they share the same birthday.


Phillip is ready for some high jinks!

Mr Mosime shares a joke with retired SAA Capt. Karl Jansen.

You will see in the picture on the right that Mariette Nicholson did not miss this opportunity to market Waterberg Academy either.

Fuel Based Incentive Scheme

For some time now Delmar Nortje has been speaking to the School about an “incentive scheme” for the School should we or our parents purchase fuel at the Vaalwater Total filling station. This generous scheme is based upon two pillars. The first of these is a simple, unencumbered R3 000.00 per month donation into the School’s fiscus. The second is a 4 cents per litre payment to the Academy based upon fuel receipts brought to School by the learners and collected by the Class Teacher. Delmar will supply us with round windshield stickers bearing the Waterberg Academy badge to identify participating vehicles. We will distribute two of these per family once we have them. We will collect all slips at the end of each month and hand our claim over to Delmar.

Our thinking is that the class which collects the greatest value of such cash slips each month will be rewarded with a civvies day.

This is a very exciting and entirely unsolicited offer. If we build up a fund with this money, we may be able to achieve one of those intermediate size capital projects which have eluded us thus far. I can think of several off the bat.

Please send all your fuel slips from Vaalwater Total to school as from today – 1 August.

Mark Godfrey