From the Headmaster’s Desk – 13 March 2020

Dear Waterberg Family

Education – A wise investment

When questioned about her first day at school, a somewhat indignant six-year-old replied: “They didn’t teach me much. I’ve got to go again tomorrow.”

I am sure that children (as we did as children) wonder why it is that they and millions of children are at school at any one given moment. Why should they endure twelve years of “hard labour”? What is the point? Where will it all lead to? Is it necessary? Why not just let each boy and girl educate himself/herself?

The word “school” has its origins in the Greek word “schola” which literally means “leisure”. Hence all teenagers are now celebrating as the implication is one of learning as a pleasurable experience. Learning can be fun.

In the distant past when the fabric of life seemed to be less complex/sophisticated, parents were competent to teach their children the basics of earning a living – hunting, farming, domestic craft. Thus, formal schooling was unnecessary. However, as the world became more complex owing to the industrial revolution, increased technology and specialized procedures, parents could no longer equip their children with more sophisticated skills needed for a technological world, to perform a job and earn a living. Thus, schools were started on a formal basis to provide children with specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes to make a meaningful personal and collective contribution to society.

Thus, the aim of a school is to develop each boy and girl in such a way that each potential is maximized; to cultivate that total personality in the physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional and aesthetic spheres; to structure situations and create opportunities for children to be the focal point; to nourish a child’s talent and strive to enable children to become a “total” person, well-adjusted and well balanced.

As we look at the history of schooling and the aim of schools, education is a wise investment into the future of our country and into our world. However, for it to be a return on our investment, children need to play their part by plunging their heart and soul into this investment, use the many diverse facilities available, commit themselves and enjoy their time spent at school. If they are happy in, or disillusioned with themselves, then they have only themselves to blame. The opportunities are there, they must seize them with both hands and above all, be thankful that they have the privilege of attending school.

Upcoming Events

March 27

Sunset braai

Come and watch the sun set on our magnificent school

“If you pour your purse into your head, you can never be bankrupt”
Benjamin Franklin
  1. Senior Preparatory school camp at Ultimate Aim

I had the privilege of visiting the pupils on camp. The pupils were having a wonderful time. It was fantastic to see that children can still be children and enjoy our beautiful environment. Thank you to all parents for allowing your children to go on camp and staff who attended the camp (they were also having a ball).


  1. Sunset Braai – 27 March 2020

On behalf of our PTA, I would like to invite all parents, pupils and staff to join us on 27 March 2020 for a time of relaxation, social interaction and getting to know one another. The evening will be a time just to sit, relax and watch the sunset, while enjoying a braai and interacting with our community. Please see attached flyer for more details.


  1. Positions available at Waterberg Academy boarding school

We are currently looking for a suitable candidate to move into our boarding house. The successful incumbent will be required to supervise the pupils and be a mother / father figure to all the pupils. Ideally, we are looking for a single male for the boys’ hostel and a single lady for the girls’ hostel. The package will include accommodation, meals and cleaning of rooms.

If you  know of anyone please could they contact me directly at:


  1. Waterberg Academy – a positive environment

I would like to thank all parents, learners and staff for a fanstaic Open Day. It was so pleasing to see parents, staff and pupils getting involved and making it happen. This was very unique and heart warming. THANK YOU for investing in the future of Waterberg Academy.


Our archery team did extremely well last weekend at Entabeni. Well done and thank you for your time and commitment. Our senior soccer and netball teams played against Hoërskool Ellisras and performed very well. This was our first match and we are looking forward to the season that lies ahead.

May you all have a wonderful week ahead.


Vernon Rorich