Fee Payment Policy


Waterberg Academy is an independent school and the payment of school fees, as determined by the Governing Body, is compulsory and, in terms of the South African Schools Act No. 84 of 1996, legally enforceable. The parents/legal guardians/custodians/ sponsors are jointly and severally liable for the payment of school fees irrespective of any internal arrangements agreed upon between them.

  • School tuition and boarding fees are determined annually by the School Governing Body and are binding on all pupils and parents (as defined by the SA School’s Act), enrolled at the School
  • The Responsible Party (including both parents, irrespective of marital status and/or divorce settlement agreements), is liable for the payment of school fees determined by the School Governing Body.
  • Tuition and boarding fees are used to finance the operational and maintenance costs of the School and boarding houses. Minor capital projects funded by school fees are budgeted for annually.

In this policy –

2.1          “Additional Fees” means those prices for the Additional Goods/Services and additional costs and levies required from time to time and notified to you in advance, to provide adequately for the education and related activities and services provided to your child, including the costs of extra-curricular activities or special educational needs;

2.2          “Additional Goods/Services” means those goods or services that may from time to time be provided to or for the benefit of the Child, as determined by the School from time to time;

2.3          “Child” means the child or children (of any age) admitted by the School to be educated, whose details appear in Annexure “A1”, as well as the Child or Children whose details appear in any subsequent Annexures numbered “A2”, “A3” and so on sequentially, as provided for in Annexure “A1”;

2.4          “Contract” means this document, including all its annexures as well as any Policies;

2.5          “Consumer Protection Act” means the Consumer Protection Act, No 68 of 2008;

2.6          “Fee” means any amounts owing to the School for a Child’s enrolment, education and related activities at the School. Such Fees shall be clearly communicated to you in advance and may include, but are not limited to, the –

2.6.1      Enrolment (Administration) Fee

2.6.2      Entrance Desk Fee / Entrance Bed Fee

2.6.3      Re-Enrolment Fee

2.6.4      School / Hostel Fee

2.6.5      Additional Fee

2.7          “Head” means the person appointed by the Board of Governors of the School to be responsible for the day-to-day management of the School, including anyone to whom such duties have been delegated;

2.8          “Responsible Party” or “you” means parent(s), sponsor(s), custodians or legal guardian(s) of a Child, who have bound themselves contractually to be responsible for the Child and for the payment of all fees incurred through attendance at the School.

2.9          “Parties” means the Responsible Party and the School;

2.10        “School Fees” means the money payable by the Responsible Party to the School in connection with a Child’s education, excluding any Enrolment Fee, Entrance Fee or Additional Fees.

2.11        “School” means the Waterberg Academy.


                3.1          Enrolment or Administration Fee

All new applications are to be accompanied by a R500 non-refundable Enrolment or Administration Fee.

3.2          Entrance Fees

If an application for admission is successful, a once-off non-refundable Desk Fee for tuition and non-refundable Bed Fee for the boarding house, if applicable, will become immediately payable. These entrance fees will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Board.

In addition, with effect from 2018, a refundable Non-Resident Fee of R5000 will be payable in respect of boarders resident outside of South Africa. This fee will be refunded, without interest, when the Child leaves the School, subject to all fees incurred at the time having been fully paid.


2018       Non-Refundable Desk Fee R5000

2018       Non-Refundable Bed Fee R5000 (Boarders Only)

2018       Refundable Non-Resident Fee R5000 (non-Resident boarders only)

Should a Child not attend the school for a period of three months or longer, re-admission will be dependent upon the entrance fee(s) being paid again, in advance of re-admission.

3.3          Re-Enrolment Fee

3.3.1      In line with the provisions of the SA School Act, the Responsible Party is required to register a Child for each academic year. The payment of an annual registration, or re-enrolment fee, which forms part of the tuition fee for the forthcoming year, will be charged.

3.3.2      The amount is determined annually by the School Governing Body, and is payable at the commencement of the new academic year.

3.3.3      If any school fees are outstanding for the current, or immediately-preceding year, as the case may be, these outstanding fees must be paid prior to enrolment for the forthcoming year being considered.

Re-Enrolment Fees per Student (payable January):

School re-enrolment – R200-00

Hostel re-enrolment – R200-00

3.4          Conditions Applicable

3.4.1      An offer of a place for a Child at the School is accepted by payment of the enrolment and entrance fees; and on completion in full, and signature of the contract by the Responsible Party.

3.4.2      If, subsequent to entering into the contract, the Child does not take up a place at the School (save for by reason of death or long term hospitalisation) the enrolment and entrance fees will not be refunded.  These fees will be kept by the School as a reasonable cancellation fee for the Child’s withdrawal, unless the School, acting reasonably, is able to fill the vacancy created by the Child’s withdrawal on or before the first day of the first full term for which the Child was to have been enrolled in which case the enrolment and entrance fees will be refunded, less the School’s costs in administering, processing and handling the Child’s enrolment (or a reasonable estimate of these costs).


4.1          The School and Hostel Fees for the forthcoming year shall be determined annually by the School Governing Body and published in a Schedule of Fees by the beginning of the last term of each year. The Schedule of Fees for the current year is attached to this policy document.

4.2          School and Hostel Fees are payable in full, strictly in advance and no exceptions to this condition shall be allowed.

4.3          Despite the objective that all fees for the year ahead should be payable in advance and are due on the first day of the academic year, the School recognises that not all Responsible Parties are in a position to do so, and therefore it offers alternative payment terms and related incentives.

The following terms are available regarding the payment of annual compulsory school fees: –


One payment payable annually in advance by the 15th December of the year preceding the academic year for which payment is to be made.

Early Settlement Discount = 6% on gross annual fee

Any discount applied will be reversed if payments are not received by due date.


Two payments payable in advance: the first  by the 7th business day of January and the second by the  7th business day of July  in the current academic year.

Early Settlement Discount = 3% on gross annual fee.

Any discount applied will be reversed if payments are not received by due date.


Four equal payments, each payable by the 7th business day of each month of each new term, the first payment being payable not later than the 7th business day in January.

No discounts on fees are applicable.


Eleven payments payable in advance by the 7th business day of every month, the first payment being payable by not later than the 7th business day in January and the last payment being payable by not later than the 7th business day in November.

No discount on full fees applicable.


Ten payments payments payable in advance by the 7th business day of every month, the first payment being payable by not later than the 7th business day in January and the last payment being payable by not later than the 7th business day in October.

No discounts on  fees are applicable.

N.B. If this option is chosen for a Matriculant) Grade 12 child, TEN monthly payments shall be payable in advance by the 7th business day in January and the last by no later than the 7th business day in October.


Four equal payments, each strictly payable by the 7th business day of each month of each new term, the first payment being payable not later than the 7th business day in January, failing which the child shall not be admitted to the hostel.

The following discounted alternatives are available:

Annual Payment: as above, a 6% Early Settlement discount on the gross annual fee

Bi-Annual: two payments as above, a 3% Early Settlement Discount on the gross annual fee.

Any discount applied will be reversed if payments are not received by due date.

The Responsible Party is required to inform the Bursar of the fees payment plan it intends to follow and to commit to this plan at the time of enrolment/re-enrolment.

4.4          Financial Assistance

The School requires that all fees are paid in full; in other words, there is no provision in the fees policy for the negotiation of reduced fees. Responsible Parties experiencing difficulties with fee payments should in the first instance contact the Bursar to discuss these difficulties. In the event of a Responsible Party finding itself unable to continue paying the full School Fees as required they are  encouraged to seek external financial assistance to enable them to do so. This could include making application to the Waterberg Academy Educational Trust, an independent body, for financial assistance in the form of a bursary or scholarship. Such applications shall be considered by the Trust; any support the Trust might award would be determined according to its policies and availability of funds. Applications to the Trust must be submitted in writing via the Head or the Bursar.

4.5          Payment of Fees

The preferred methods of payment of fees are:

– Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

– Debit order arranged by the Responsible Party at its own bank.

For security reasons, and for the safety of your children and our staff, we do not permit fee payments to be made in cash on the School premises. There is a branch of FNB in Vaalwater at which cash deposits may be made should this be necessary. Any cheques banked that are dishonoured will attract a dishonour fee of R150 and will be levied to accounts.


First National Bank

Waterberg Academy

Branch Code: 260247

Account Number: 620 438 22445


Beneficiary Reference: Account Number and Surname (e.g. SCHO1)

Please e-mail Proof of payment to: finance@waterbergacademy.co.za

In order to simplify communication – and at the request of numerous parents – individual invoices are not issued. Instead, all transactions concluded or due for a particular month (e.g. fees payments, travel expenses additional charges, etc) will be reflected on a monthly statement.           A separate statement is issued in respect of each Child at the School. The Responsible Party is requested to check the statements on receipt to ensure that it is satisfied with the details.

In respect of boarding children, all payments received will be allocated proportionately

between tuition and boarding fees, where applicable, unless otherwise stipulated in

writing, by the payer.

4.6          Notes and Conditions relating to School Fees

4.6.1      The Responsible Party has absolute responsibility for the payment of any Fees applicable to the Child attending the School. It also acknowledges that School Fees are payable strictly in advance, at least on a monthly advance payment basis. If the latter, the Responsible Party is encouraged to make payment by stop order. If the Responsible Party is unclear about any of its financial obligations, the School will on request provide a written explanation. The School will be entitled to recover from the Responsible Party default administration costs and collection costs, as contemplated in the NCA, including legal costs on the attorney and client scale and collection commission to the extent permitted by the NCA.

4.6.2      The Responsible Party accepts the Additional Goods/Services over and above those covered by school fees. The School will, as far as reasonably possible, give notice prior to providing such Additional Goods/Services. The Responsible Party expressly agrees to the delivery or performance of the Additional Goods/Services and accepts liability for payment thereof. The Responsible Party acknowledges that the Additional Goods/Services are not unsolicited, within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act or otherwise and that it has expressly accepted such Additional Goods/Services.

4.6.3      The Responsible Party accepts that it will be liable for the payment of the Additional Goods/Services. Such Additional Goods/Services include payment for school tours, outings or any other Additional Goods/Services required by the School to provide the Child adequately with the educational services in terms of this policy.  Any such Additional Fees will be added to the School account, which will be payable on invoicing.

4.6.4      The Responsible Party confirms that a certificate signed by the Bursar or Head  showing the amount owing by it to the School shall be rebuttable proof that the said amount is due, owing and payable.  Where the quantum of the School’s claim is thereafter disputed by the Responsible Party, it shall bear the onus of proving that such amount is not owing and/or due and/or payable.

4.6.5      In the event of the Responsible Party taking responsibility for the payment of the Fees, it by its signature(s) of acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment, thereby binds itself jointly and severally in its/their personal capacity as surety and co-principal debtor(s) for payment to the School of any amounts which are owing and may at any time become owing to the School by it/them.

4.6.6      The Responsible Party acknowledges that if any instalment on account of a fee which is payable is not paid on the due date, the whole balance of the fee outstanding will immediately become due and payable by it/them. No indulgence or grant of time by the School will constitute a waiver of its rights under this contract or otherwise.

4.6.7      The Responsible Party is entitled to elect (at enrolment and prior to the beginning of each school year) whether to pay school fees in advance annually, per term, or monthly, the total costs of which will be set out in a fee schedule and communicated to it on enrolment and in advance of any increase in school fees.

4.6.8      The Responsible Party agrees that fees paid in advance will be deposited by the School and held in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, but that the School will be entitled to treat the interest generated from such funds as income.

4.6.9      The School fees will be reviewed annually and may be increased by an amount which the School considers reasonable.  The School shall give at least one term’s notice of any increase in the fees due for a particular term.  The Responsible Party has a right to cancel its contract without penalty should the school fees increase to an amount which it no longer wishes or is able to pay, provided that it gives the School one term’s written notice of that intention, failing which the cancellation provisions of clause 4.6.10 will apply, and it will be required to provide a full term’s notice or pay a term’s fees in lieu of notice.

4.6.10    The Responsible Party has the right to cancel its contract at any time, for any reason, provided that it gives the School a full term’s notice, in writing, of this intention before the withdrawal of the Child from the School.  Alternatively, a full term’s fees (including additional fees pro-rated for the term) is payable to the School in lieu of notice, and as a reasonable cancellation fee taking into account the nature of the educational services, capacity planning and reasonable potential to fill the vacancy.  Such amount is due and payable on the first day of the term which would have been the final term if the appropriate notice had been given. Should the Responsible Party have elected to pay annual school fees or should any additional fees have been paid in advance, those fees will be credited in proportion to the terms remaining, less any amount payable in lieu of appropriate notice.

4.6.11    The School also has the right to cancel the contract at any time, for any reason, provided that it gives the Responsible Party notification, in writing, of its decision to terminate the contract.  At the end of the notification period in question, the Responsible Party will be required to withdraw the Child from the School, and the School will refund to it the balance of any fees pre-paid for that period, less anything owing to the School by them.

4.6.12    The above are stated without prejudice to the School’s other remedies: the School may cancel this contract immediately and has no obligation to return any deposit or pre-paid fees to the Responsible Party if the latter is in material breach of any of its obligations and has not (in the case of a breach which is capable of remedy) remedied the material breach within twenty (20) business days of the issuance of a notice from the School requiring it to remedy the breach. In addition, the School may claim payment of all moneys then owing and damages equal to one term’s fees (as calculated at the time of cancellation) taking into account the nature of the services, capacity planning and reasonable potential to fill the vacancy, but crediting the amount of any pre-paid fees and refunding to Responsible Party any excess above such damages.


 In addition to official School activities, the School organises camps, excursions, sports events and other activities not covered by school fees; these additional activities also need to be paid-for in advance. The Responsible Party agrees to these costs, of which it is advised via specific letters and/or general newsletters, communicating the reason for these activities. The School reserves the right to debit the Child’s account with these additional fees.  In the event that the Responsible Party is not meeting its basic financial obligations towards the School, the School reserves the right to review a Child’s continued involvement in school activities that are not covered by normal school fees.


                 The following charges are included in the school fees and shall not be charged separately:

  • ICT Development Levy

For computers and the continual development of IT.

  • Printing Levy

For photostating

  • Book Fees

For workbooks and/or textbooks

NB The Responsible Party will be charged the full replacement cost of any books that are not returned or which are returned in an unusable state.

(Textbooks should be covered within the first week of school).

  • Stationery Costs

Stationery packs are provided to pupils in Grades 0 – 12 at the beginning of the year. The Preparatory School stationery packs Grades 0 – 7 are included in the school fee costs and the Grade 8 – 12 (High School) stationery will be billed to parents in January for approximately R900.

  • Functions Fund

To cover costs of the catering at all functions and sporting events.

  • Boarding Levy and Laundry

For the improvement of the boarding facilities and weekly laundry.

  • I.E.B. Examination Fee

Grade 12 pupils writing the IEB Matric exam.


 Payment of fees in full is due for absences (illness, suspensions, holidays taken outside the School holidays, etc.)

In the case of the School suspending a Child for non-payment of fees, the balance of any termly or monthly fee will only be reimbursed if the Responsible Party has confirmed in writing that there is no intention that the Child will return to the School due to affordability reasons.


8.1          As all school and hostel fees are payable in advance, the School reserves the right to issue a letter of demand for any overdue amount at any point during the academic year.

8.2          Any account overdue will automatically be deemed to be in default and a letter of demand will be issued to the Responsible Party advising the account holder of the School’s intent to hand over the account for collection. Legal proceedings to recover the full amount of school fees payable will automatically commence if the balance due is not settled.

8.3          As the Responsible Party (including both parents, irrespective of marital status), is responsible for the payment of school fees in terms of the SA Schools Act, the School reserves the right to recover unpaid school fees from the Responsible Party (including either/both parent(s)) by due process, irrespective of which parent took responsibility for the payment in the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment.

8.4          The Responsible Party for a Child resident in a boarding house does not qualify for any exemption from boarding fees. Boarding fees are payable in full.  In the event that any payment relating to boarding fees is not made to the School by the due date thereof, the School shall be entitled, entirely without prejudice, to terminate or suspend the right of the Child to reside at the boarding house forthwith upon telephonic or written notification given to the Responsible Party.


The School may exclude (suspend or expel) a Child when tuition and/or hostel fees are not paid, because the Responsible Party has breached the legal contract to pay fees. Adequate warning will be given.


9.1.1      As the suspension of a Child from the School is not usually the fault of the Child concerned, the School has the objective of minimising the consequences of such a suspension for the Child. However, suspended Children (with the possible exception of Matrics – see 6 below) are not permitted to be on the School’s property at any time during the period of their suspension. They are therefore excluded from all academic, sporting, cultural, spiritual and social activities at the School for the duration of their suspension. If they should attend any academic, sporting or cultural activity at any other school where the School is participating, they may not associate themselves with the School, its pupils or its representatives.

9.1.2      Where the nature of the academic work allows it, teachers are expected to forward notes and other information such as required reading to the suspended Child for the duration of his/her suspension if it is the intention that the Child will return to the School. This work may be sent electronically, via a fellow pupil or left at Reception for a family member to collect. A suspended Child is expected to complete all exercises and work sent home and to produce it on his/her return after suspension.

9.1.3      On his/her return from suspension, the onus is on the Child to ensure that any aspects of the curriculum which (s)he missed and which requires clarification, is caught up. (S)he  may approach the various Heads of Departments, attend regular consolidation lessons or arrange private tuition in order to do so.

9.1.4      Any written test which is scheduled during the period of the Child’s suspension must also be forwarded to the Child (once his/her class has written it) in order for him/her to complete it at home as an exercise. The Child must be encouraged to write and mark the test him/herself. Teachers are not expected to mark work done at home by suspended Children, and are also not required to set an ‘alternative’ test for a suspended Child to write on his/her return. Teachers will record an ‘absent’ next to a suspended Child’s name for such assessments. This also applies to any oral assessments.

9.1.5      Where a suspended Child forms part of a group assessment task, the teacher must ensure that the other members of the group will not be penalised by the absence of one of their members, by making an informed adjustment of the requirements of the task.

9.1.6      If the suspended Child is in Matric, (s)he will be allowed to come to the School specifically to complete any assessments which form part of his/her Matric portfolio. However, (s)he may not wear any part of the School uniform and will complete his/her assessment in a separate venue to the rest of the class. The School will arrange a member of staff to supervise such assessments. Once having completed his/her assessment, the suspended Child is expected to leave the School property immediately.


As per signed Terms and Conditions of Enrolment:

“The Board shall be given “one term’s written notice” of termination of enrolment of a Child, failing which the full amount of the following term’s fees shall immediately become due and payable.