NEWS LETTER 05 Desember 2018

Nativity and Carols Evening

The Teachers Group: Mrs Calcott, Mrs Leonard, Mr Roux, Mr Roth, Mr Sulo and Mr Simiti.

Grade R Graduation

Junior Preparatory

The Grade Ones show off their certificates with their teacher and HOD, Mrs van Niekerk.

Senior Preparatory Prize

Ds. Ernest Vogt delivers his speech to the learners. Ds. Vogt was our Senior Preparatory Guest of Honour.
Top Achievers – Nomusa Funyufunyu G6, Makwidi Kgo-montsho G5, Kabelo Mohlabi G7 & Caitlin Pidduck G4 with HOD Mr O’Kelly.
Citizenship Award G5 – Mia du Preez.
Farewell and thanks for your sterling work – Mariette Nicholson – PTA Secretary and a parent here for 12 years.
Mr Brugnolo helped with the swimming training. Here he receives a thank you gift from son, Quentin.

High School Prize Giving

Jana Leonard was Top Achiever in Grade 8. Here she is congratulated by HOD Academics and her mother, Ciska Leonard.
Bianca Nortje was Top Achiever in Grade 9.
Mirriam Mpete was Top AchieverIn Grade 10. In this picture she isteacher Janice McBride for also winning the Senior Drama prize.
Lucy Calcott was the DUX with an average of 96%. Here she is congratulated by guest of honour - Clive Walker.
Boitumelo Mataboge and San-Marie Stegmann were appointed Head Boy and Head Girl for 2019. San-Marie was also Top Achiever in Grade 11.


By the time you receive this newsletter, the Christmas holiday will be in full swing with just the reports to be collected on Thursday. Please collect these between 08h00 an 10h00 on Thursday 6 December 2018. The HODs will be onsite to hand these out at each phase block. High School reports will be available at Mrs Leonard’s classroom, Senior Preparatory reports will be available from Mr O’Kelly’s classroom, Junior Preparatory reports from Mrs van Niekerk’s classroom and the Pre-Preparatory reports from Mrs Joan Leonard’s classroom.

If you are unable to collect the report yourself, you may nominate someone to do that for you IN WRITING to Solita at You may, if travelling away on an extended holiday, request in writing at the same email address that your report be emailed to you and then collect the hard copy when returning to School next year.

May I take this opportunity to wish all our learners, parents, staff and friends a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year. May 2019 bring to you all that you wish.

Mark Godfrey

NEWS LETTER 21 September 2018

Mountain Biking

Three mountain bikers represented the Academy at Ellisras High School on Saturday. This was probably the best organized of all the SPUR Schools MTB Cross Country meetings ever. The main field looked more impressive than a formula one race track with 400 riders and 800 parents and coaches. Carla Jansen van Vuuren did us proud by winning her race. In fact, Carla has won all four of these events this year, making her the undisputed U/12 Girls champion. Livingston Banda came fourth in the U/15 and U/16 group and in so doing accumulated enough points to get him through to third spot on the Limpopo U/15 team. Scott McBride rode his first ever mountain bike race for the School and added one point to our points aggregate. Well done, all three of you!

Carla and Livingstone will compete in the South African MTB Cross Country Championships at Bekker High School in October.

Carla won her race and got her Limpopo colours
Livingstone makes his Limpopo colours.
Carla is now in a class of her own.
Livvy raced from start to finish and beat no. 4 by mere centimetres.
Scotty enjoying his race.
MTB is a brilliant family sport.

Music Evening

Phil Calcott with Lucy off camera.
Renè and Tairona collaborating.
The junior preparatory choir.
Solly Nkhumane – musician extraordinaire.
ROL Records have become a fixture at our Music Evenings – complete with screaming following.

World Rhino Day

Jessica Babich brought together a number of key role players in the fight against the slaughter of an important part of our South African heritage – the rhino. Headed up by K9 Security and supported by the South African Police Services and a local helicopter pilot, after some demonstrations of anti-hijacking, the efficacy of both sniffer and attack dogs and a drill display by Working on Fire, a spectacular joint operation was staged with eight “poachers”, rhino security, snipers, security units, SAPS and a private helicopter.

The rifle “fire” was loud and got everyone’s attention from the first shot. Then there were smoke grenades, some thunder flashes, and automatic fire from the circling helicopter with two security officers harnessed and on the skids. This was an astonishing display. The deployment of this level of defence by so many co-operating groups will go a long way to saving our rhinos.

He doesn’t let grass grow under his feet.
The “ poachers” close in.
Mayhem ensues as the poachers attack time and again.
The rhinos are safe and the “ poachers” are all down. . .
. . . and the attack dogs mop up the fugitive (suited up for the exercise.)

Presentation of NASP Limpopo Colours in Archery

The Limpopo Development Team complete with coach – congratulations Mrs Leonard.
The NASP Limpopo Senior Primary Team. Coach – Miss Nicholson was absent.
Some of the NASP Limpopo Junior High School Team. Several were absent from assembly today.

Mark Godfrey

NEWS LETTER 03 August 2018

The Selfish Ladybug

The entrance to. . .

a magical world. . .

peopled by butterflies, insects and frogs.

The play, for which the Junior Prep has been rehearsing the entire year, was staged this week and was a great success. The props were totally amazing. Well done, Mrs van Niekerk and your helpers. The backdrop was stunning, Thank you Mrs Mason. The music was perfect, thank you Mrs Stegmann – especially for coming to school every day to practice with the learners. The costumes were superlative, Thank you mothers and costumiers. The décor was wild. Thank you, the decorating team.

A school stage production requires input from a great number of people. The many rehearsals to get the performers up to speed and the amount of time required to prepare props and costumes is staggering. For our delightful play the time was dedicated, and practicing was relentless. The Junior Prep learners sang the songs every day and the High School learned them involuntarily. Well done, High School, for encouraging instead of complaining. The end result was a show to be remembered.

Mountain Biking

On Saturday, mountain bikers of all ages converged on Merensky High School in Tzaneen to compete in the SPUR Schools Mountain Biking XCO. The race started on the Merensky playing fields and then headed off into an avocado orchard with some interesting twists and turns. This particular race is known as the Tour de Plaas.

Carla Jansen van Vuuren, no. 3 U/12 Girl in the country at present, won her race comfortably by taking the lead on an uphill just 500m in. She kept the second girl behind her until the last kilometre, then she poured on the gas on the final climb and opened a 300m gap. Well done, Carla!

Livingstone Banda rode in the Boys U/16 category, which is very competitive. He was 21st at the 200m mark, managed safely to negotiate a pile-up on the first sharp corner, and finished the first lap in 11th position. At the end of the full three laps, Livvy had managed to improve his placing to 9th. What impressed me was that Livvy left it all out on the track. He fell down at the end of the race and was unable to get up for a full ten minutes. Well done, Livvy!

Carla maintains her lead.
Livvy at the end of the first lap.

Physical Sciences

You will remember from your days studying Physical Science that an exothermic reaction is a chemical reaction which releases heat. The Grade Elevens tested this with some granular chlorine and water, and what better place for it than the swimming pool.

Mr Sithole dishes out hth to Michael, Rebecca and San-Marie (obscured).
The moment of truth. And . . . it works!


Computer Room Upgrade

The current computers were donated by a past parent in 2010 and can no longer be upgraded. For 2019 we need to replace all the desktop computers in our Computer Room. Further, we need to acquire 15 tablets/iPads for our learners. These items need to be included in next year’s budget. If anyone can help with a contact to keep these costs to a minimum, please contact Mrs Swales or myself.

Mark Godfrey

NEWS LETTER 24 February 2017


Three areas of outstanding achievement were acknowledged in the assembly this morning.


The first of these was the announcement to the learners that Charlton Mwenesani and Rafologang Buthane had been selected onto the South African NASP Development Team.  They will shoot in an international tournament later in the year.  Well done, Charlton on your second year in this team.  Clearly you are working hard to stay up at the top.  And well done, Rafologang, on making the team for the first time at such a young age.


Charlton and Rafologang – SA Development Archer swith their proud coach – Mr Bridger

Charlton and Rafologang – SA Development Archer swith their proud coach – Mr Bridger

Horse Riding

Lyandi van der Merwe is progressing “in leaps and bounds” in this demanding sport.  At a recent SANESA event she rode in six events and placed 2nd in five of them and 3rd in the other one.  To crown it all, Lyandi received a certificate for the following: BEST WORKING RIDER AT PRIMARY SCHOOL LEVEL IN LIMPOPO IN 2016.

Horse Riding

You are doing SO well, Lyandi. We are proud of you!


For the IEB International Benchmarking Tests in Reasoning and Thinking Skills for Grades 3 and 10 held in November 2016, we have just received astonishingly good results.  This is a collaborative effort between the Australian Education people and the IEB and the tests are taken around the world.  This makes these tests of great value in gauging our educational standards in relation to what you might find elsewhere “on the planet.”



                                                    English                   Mathematics                               Science

Makwidi Kgomontsho                 88%

Kiandra Doubell                                                              100%                                          88%

Carla Jansen van Vuuren           100%                           88%                                          100%


Kiandra, Carla and Makwidi – among the very cleverest on earth!


                                                     English                         Mathematics                       


Wiané van Druten                       82%                          

Nadja Nortje                                 91%                                  89%


Lucy Calcott                                 100%                               100%


Nadja was among the top 1% of learners in Problem Solving.

Lucy was among the top 1% of learners in Critical Thinking.

Lucy was also among the top 1% of Learners overall.


These results would suggest that we are not simply filling up the minds of our learners with facts, which was the educational pattern of a hundred years ago (and is still followed in some schools.)  This is evidence that Waterberg Academy is at the forefront of thinking in education, and doing an excellent job of preparing our learners for life in the 21st century.  Remember, many of our learners will leave school and university to take on jobs that do not even exist yet, and many of the traditional types of work as we know them will have disappeared over the next 12 years. It is essential we equip them to be able to compete successfully in whatever field they one day choose.



English teacher, Janice McBride, Wiané van Druten, Lucy Calcott, Nadja Nortje and Maths teacher Ciska Leonard. Our DREAM TEAM! No pressure, but these numbers speak to very good results in Matric next year.

High School Valentine’s Dance

Before the dancing began last night, a bunch of us teachers were standing on the dance floor and learners were coming up to us and greeting us and shaking our hands and one of the teachers said, “You know, we have got really nice learners this year.”  And I must concur.  Some years back a culture of respect and general “niceness” began more and more to permeate the High School and this year it is even more evident than ever!  And we have some superb boys and girls at the top of the school, young people we can be proud of.

Once we vacated the floor and Moses got into DJ mode, the volume went up and the games began!

Mark Godfrey

Headmaster Newsletter 26 April 2016

Family Fun Day – well done PTA!

The word tombola has become synonymous with Sandra Nortje, here assisted by Madeleine Broodryk

The word tombola has become synonymous with Sandra Nortje, here assisted by Madeleine Broodryk

The colourful stalls were well patronised.

The colourful stalls were well patronised.

Water and kids spell F-U-N!

Water and kids spell F-U-N!

Ewald Kloppers dreaming of his eighteenth – will it be a sportscar or a 4x4?

Ewald Kloppers dreaming of his eighteenth – will it be a sportscar or a 4×4?


The High School stall – the henna tattoos were popular, but not as popular as the soft sreve ice creams here being served by Senior Prep teacher, Mrs Evans.

Phillip Nicholson competing with the best.

Phillip Nicholson competing with the best.

The standard in the cake competition was high.

The standard in the cake competition was high.

Professor and Mr Wadley, our Board Chair.

Professor and Mr Wadley, our Board Chair.

The rides were popular, and varied this year.

The rides were popular, and varied this year.

PTA Chair Delmar Nortje congratulates Andrew and Nikki Eager – winners of the potjiekos competition

PTA Chair Delmar Nortje congratulates Andrew and Nikki Eager – winners of the potjiekos competition

Oom Polla Roux carries out the highly responsible job of watching over the icies.

Oom Polla Roux carries out the highly responsible job of watching over the icies.

Our archery team placed first in the archery competition which we hosted on our range on Saturday. That is some smile, Titi! The deadpan expression on the extreme left belongs to Senior Boys winner, Shannon Carlton.
(Photos courtesy of Juliet Calcott)

Our archery team placed first in the archery competition which we hosted on our range on Saturday. That is some smile, Titi! The deadpan expression on the extreme left belongs to Senior Boys winner, Shannon Carlton.
(Photos courtesy of Juliet Calcott)

The Head hands to the PTA Chair a thank you card signed by the entire WA staff, for the WiFi, as the Board Chair looks on.

The Head hands to the PTA Chair a thank you card signed by the entire WA staff, for the WiFi, as the Board Chair looks on.

Don’t forget – school reopens on Tuesday. Boarders back on Monday evening. If you get it wrong, keep it quiet and no one else will know. Interestingly, at least once a year someone DOES get it wrong.

Mark Godfrey

Headmasters Newsletter 27 November 2015

Grade 7 Farewell

This is a much anticipated event and 2015 was outstanding. The Seringa Café decked in reggae décor while coconut drinks and red yellow and black skull caps with dreadlocks were handed out by the welcoming committee.

The Grade 6 learners and parents put the evening together, using money collected by Grade 6 during the year. Tamsin Hill was largely responsible for the décor, and the delightful invitation. She was assisted by the Grade 6 learners who made much of the décor in the Art class. And wherever there is organizing to be done or funds to be raised, there you will find the inimitable Mrs Steyn. Christie ran a tuckshop throughout the year, buying stock from a supplier in Pretoria and selling a wide variety of products each break – icies, toasted sandwiches, sweets etc. Well done, Christie!

Had we asked parents of Grade 6 and 7 to give R20 000 towards the end of year goings on of the Senior Preparatory, there would understandably have been some resistance. Instead, the money was extracted passively, and the Grade 6 class funded an excellent dinner and the Grade 7 trip to Gold Reef City on Wednesday. The Grade 7s, not to be outdone, have already paid for the installation of 6 whirlybirds to extract heat from the Hall – their contribution being some eight and a half thousand! These should be in place next week.

Thanks are due to the Seringa Café for hosting us on Friday evening in their lovely premises. I am told that they gave us an astonishingly special rate. Thank you, Anne and Robert Howe. Special thanks to the Grade 6 learners who were the most attentive waitrons most of us had ever come across! Well done, MC Amelia.

The Grade Sevens each had an opportunity to speak, and some interesting things came out about the fun they had in lessons. School was never like that in the last century! The teachers, wisely, spoke last, and gave as well as they received. All in all, this was a fabulous evening, with learners, staff and parents all having a wonderful time.

Josh had the cameras flashing!

Josh had the cameras flashing!

Quinn dazzled us with his wit.

Quinn dazzled us with his wit.

Ryan doing his thing.

Ryan doing his thing.

Boarders’ Christmas Dinner

The boarders had their Christmas Dinner on Monday. We were all chuffed to have Richard Wadley, Board of Governors Chair, join us directly from a five hour Board Meeting. After joining us for the excellent meal, Richard took up the Santa challenge and had the youngsters “eating out of his hand.” Thank you, Richard.

Tannie Marie, and Oom Jan and his wife Rina were also honoured. Marie does SO MUCH for the boarders and Oom Jan ensures they have water and electricity, often answering a call-out in the middle of the night. They are in fact the unsung heroes of the School, but we DO appreciate them.

The learners had an opportunity to dress up a little, while the teachers were able to dress “down.” The overall effect was very pleasing, and I must say that we have lovely kids in our Boarding Establishment. The way that they mix freely by age and gender is really good to see, and the personalities emerging are quite endearing.

Seth demonstrates his personal approach to Fashion. Who needs matching sleeves anyway?

Seth demonstrates his personal approach to Fashion. Who needs matching sleeves anyway?

Board Chair Richard Wadley plays Santa as Katlego decides who will get the next gift.

Board Chair Richard Wadley plays Santa as Katlego decides who will get the next gift.

Gr 0000 to Gr 3 Christmas Party

Gr 0000 to Gr 3 Christmas Party

On Tuesday Santa came to the town of Vaalwater. His sleigh was covered in snow and looked a bit out of shape (global warming has caused some tough weather for Santa at this time of the year) and the reindeer were eager to get out of harness. All present were very impressed by Santa’s long white beard, his enormous tummy and his warm laugh. Sadly, the Head was so busy recording this event for posterity that he did not get to share with Santa his Christmas list. Oh well, môre is nog ʼn Kersfees.


The rejuvenation of the swimming Pool this year is probably the single most striking success gained in 2015. Well done Oom Jan and Jimmy Sithole!

The rejuvenation of the swimming Pool this year is probably the single most striking success gained in 2015. Well done Oom Jan and Jimmy Sithole!

Prize Givings

Below are 7000 words worth of pictures.

Prize Givings
Prize Givings
Prize Givings
Prize Givings
Prize Givings
Prize Givings
Prize Givings

Well done, Marius. We will miss you.

May I wish one and all a blessed Christmas.

Mark Godfrey

Headmasters Newsletter 9 October 2015

Matric Farewell

On Friday our Grade 12s held their farewell at Rock Lodge. The venue, which is in itself very special, was beautifully decorated by Mrs Swales assisted by Tannie Marie, Oom Jan, Tamsin Hill and Andre Bridger. The theme was Winter Wonderland and there was snow and frost everywhere – difficult to believe in the present heat wave! Mr Roth, the Grade 12 class teacher, acted as MC for the evening in his inimitably laconic manner, and each of the learners had an opportunity to speak about their teachers. Some had taken the time to prepare, other felt they did not need to – a tribute to the excellent English and Afrikaans Oral programme run in the School. Not to be outdone, our Board Chair, without notes, compared the preparation for the IEB NSC exams to the preparation for the Comrades Marathon – train hard, run easy. (Men born before 1977 might recognize this.) Thereafter, the Headmaster got to ramble on a bit about all sorts of (sometimes) pertinent stuff.

1To the left are Fabiano de Wet, Ivania de Wet, Frans Campher, Susan Mwenesani, Rachel Calcott, Nathan McAuley, Darienne Bridger and partner. (Photo courtesy of Tanya Baber)

This year we departed from the norm in allowing our Grade 12’s to invite partners. This gave scope for dancing and boosted the small group of Matriculants to the point where this activity became viable. Outfit of the evening – Fabiano’s fashionably rent (torn) jeans to match his hanging shirt tail finished off with a smart black jacket. Don’t even ask what the world is coming to, because no one over 40 will be able to tell you!


Mr Joop and Mrs Cornelia Erasmus were joined in holy matrimony at a ceremony attended by family and friends in Modimolle recently. Joop’s gain is our loss as Mrs Erasmus has left the Boarding Establishment where she has been staying in the teacher’s flat-let in the Girls’ lodge and will be staying with her husband in Alma into the future. Joop is a farmer and we wish this handsome couple everything of the best in the future – good rains, bountiful crops and a blessed family life.

The happy couple.

The happy couple.

Grade One

One of life’s miracles is the way learners in Grade One learn to read. My visit to this class last week was SO rewarding, and I think our Grade Ones are the cleverest in whole world. Well done, Mrs van Niekerk.

Tyler Le Sar reads to her classmates with great aplomb.

Tyler Le Sar reads to her classmates with great aplomb.

Class Visits

Yours truly has been visiting classrooms this term to assist with the monitoring of our quality teaching and learning. So far, having seen 80% of the teachers in action, my conclusion is that we are currently blessed with a very strong team and I wish I had been lucky enough to have attended this school. Our learners are totally relaxed in their classes, happy to participate, and very comfortable making presentations to their classmates when required to do so. And goodness me, we have a great number of very bright learners at every level in the Academy.

No Reward Without Hard Work

Ruben le Roux demonstrates what it takes to become a champion – horse saddled and in training before the sun gets up – daily. We wish Ruben well as he rides for his province in Pretoria this weekend.

No-gainAnnual National Assessments (ANAs)

You will recall that these compulsory national examinations were called off in September as a result of violent action by SADTU, the biggest teachers’ union. These were then to have been rescheduled for February 2016. However, the Minister of Education has pronounced that these tests will in fact take place on the days 1, 2 3 and 4 December. These are days we had hoped would be pupil free so that our staff could concentrate on preparing reports for distribution on the 4th.

Since these tests are compulsory for Waterberg Academy, we will allow Grades 0000 to R and 10 to 12 to finish class attendance on 27 November. However, Grade 1 to 9 inclusive will be required to attend School on the days Tuesday 1 December, Wednesday 2 December, Thursday 3 December and Friday 4 December to write the ANAs. As with our own examinations, learners will be dismissed after they have written their tests each day.
In the event there is a change to this ministerial decree, we will notify parents immediately.

Absence of Headmaster

Please be informed that I shall be away from midday Monday to the weekend as I enter into the second stage of my treatment programme. Please direct any enquiries to the office and these will be passed on to the relevant HOD. Since we have worked together as a School Management Team for the last two years, I have every confidence that their decision making will be well informed and balanced.

Headmasters Newsletter 20 March 2015


On Sunday 15th March, eleven of our learners swam the Bosveld Myl in Bela Bela. Darienne Bridger was our fastest swimmer and she posted her personal best over the distance. Several swimmers swam the 800m as an additional swim, and Callum Roy did the Mile, the 800m and the 200m. Well done, swimmers, and well done Mr Mosime – you have got an amazing amount out of these young people. The fact that you dived in and swam the mile with the team might explain this to a degree. Perhaps also presenting your own medal and tee-shirt to a swimmer who was removed from the water for medical reasons (flu during the week).


Ruan swam all three distances!


Part of the team display their numbers


Part of the team display their Waterberger.

This weekend the group will be doing the Ebenezer Mile and we wish them well as they do the equivalent of 64 lengths of the School swimming pool!


Sign Centre has just informed me that the blazer badges are now ready and can be purchased at R35 each. These will finish off our blazers very neatly. Blazers are only required from Grades 10 to 12.

The navy blue dri-macs are also in stock, with the badge embroidered in place. It is envisaged that learners will be able to wear the dri-mac over the navy blue V-neck jersey for warmth in the approaching winter. Tracksuit pants are also available as the dri-mac and track pants will take the place of the tracksuit. In addition, if your child is in possession of a white golf sports shirt, the badge can be embroidered in place by Sign Centre at R25 if the shirt was purchased from them, and R35 if purchased elsewhere.

Please remember that all the uniform changes are being phased in over 2 years. This means the fleece and the checked blue shirt can be worn until the end of 2016.

Our sale of used uniform went quite well, and all money so raised has been allocated to the cost of building the guard hut at the gate. A special word of thanks to Angus Frew and Oom Jan for the progress that is taking place down there at the gate where a bird hide type structure is taking shape.

New Arrivals

Candice Farrant, who helped out in the office for 6 months, has just produced her twins. Timothy John Farrant and Angela Janet Farrant were born over the weekend. Congratulations, Candice and Nick, on your perfect dove pair. We hope to see them in Auntie Suzette’s class in a couple of years. When you have some nice flattering photos of the twins, I would like to put them in the newsletter.

Another Welcome

The Academy welcomes Miss Bianca Currie to the Admin Staff. Miss Currie is our Media and Admin Assistant, and already she is having a positive effect upon the backed-up workflow.


The boarders went to Lindani last weekend. Here they did a 7 km hike and then they picnicked beside the Melk River at a place known a Flat Rocks. Adventure Clubbers will remember it as our fly-fishing venue last year. They were away from School from 07h30 until 15h00.

The MTB’ers were also at Lindani, where they did a smart 17 km under the direction of Coach Dave Baber. Team Manager Godfrey spent the entire morning trying to figure out which turn the group had taken as they are now ALL fitter than their headmaster. Fortunately, Coach took this as an opportunity to send the boys back up or down hills to keep the group reasonably in touch. It is going to be very difficult to predict which of these boys will be wearing
the yellow jersey in the Cape Epic in years to come – they are all getting fitter with each outing. On Monday, Livvy told me his legs were fine, but his arms were sore from the 20 push-ups. Dave is a hard taskmaster and will undoubtedly produce some champions. As the saying goes – no pain, no gain.

The New Archery Range


Oom Jan puts the finishing touches to what was, two years ago, just a dream, now a reality made possible by a number of people: Jeran le Roux and his earthmoving company – Mainpro; Heidi and Bruce Carlton and their dogged determination to get things done and essentials donated; and André Bridger who devotes massive amounts of his personal time to the Academy. And then there is Bertus Swanevelder and his fencing company who did this job without cost to the Academy.

On Saturday we will be hosting our inaugural archery contest on our new range. The PTA will be providing eats and braai fires. The volley ball court has been turned and softened, and learners accompanied by adults will be allowed to make use of the swimming pool. Do come and join us for part of the day.

Please note that the official opening of the archery range will take place next term when Jeran is in Vaalwater. This weekend, his son Ruben will be taking part in his second Limpopo horseriding competition at Vivo. We wish you well, Ruben.

Results of the Archery, Ebenezer Mile and the Horse Riding will be in Friday’s newsletter.

Limpopo Archery Team

This is one of those sports where team selection cannot be skewed by the selection panel to favour any school, as selection is based entirely on scores shot over a specific number of official meetings and then averaged.

Please join me in congratulating the following Waterberg Academy learners who have gained selection to the 16 strong Limpopo Archery Team: Darienne Bridger, Shannon Carlton, Tivani Mkansi, Tayla-Kaé Nicholson, Nadja Nortje, Richard Nicholson, Retang Manyako, Ayden Walker, Sebapo Pholoba, Moses Molekoa, Bianca Nortje and Yolanda Gaborutwe with Wiane van Druten as reserve. Waterberg Academy makes up 75% of the 2015 provincial team!

Then we have the following learners in the Limpopo Development Team: Charlton Mwenesani, Phenyo Mochusi, Tiishetjo Maila, Aly Mosheou and Natasha Murungisi.

These young people fully deserve the archery range that has been provided for them.


Six of our matric teachers drove to Polokwane on Tuesday to attend cluster meetings regarding their subjects. This is the second time this term that our teachers have gone about our IEB Matric business, and we thank them for their dedication and wish them and the matriculants everything of the best for 2015.

International Library Week

This school is so busy that it is difficult for any one person to keep up! Mariette Nicholson donated her morning to the Academy Library on Monday and got the re-arranging of the shelves under way. During the breaks she was assisted by Phillip Nicholson, Ruben le Roux and Arno Kloppers. Arno was back on his own on throughout the rest of the week. Many other classes have been in this week to help in the Library. Nikki Eagar, Melanie Collins and Lisbeth Matlou also donated time, and every little bit helped. Thank you.

Some of the classes came to experience the library in a special way this week, and some came to help with the organization. I came upon Tamsin Hill conducting an attention-grabbing reading session with some younger learners. That makes her SOME ART TEACHER! The wider read among you will recognize that phrase.


Arno spends another break working in the Library.

By Friday we had received some 200 books for the Library, with many Afrikaans books as requested and a spread of new and previously read books. THANK YOU!

Safety and Security

The fence around the Junior and Pre Prep playgrounds continues to take shape. There is just a gate and two locking systems to go. Please note that this is a protective measure and not a defensive one. This means the measures are NOT designed to be impregnable, merely additional safety.

Starting in term 2, we will be introducing controlled access to the School campus. Our own parents will be able to purchase windshield stickers to identify them as part of the Waterberg Academy community. These stickers will enable parents simply to drive in and out without filling in the access control register. Stickers are now available from the office @ R5 each and you may purchase one for each of your family vehicles.


This is how the guard hut looked on Tuesday.

No Sport in Last Week

Please note that there will be no sport in the last week. However, there will be archery for those who have made the Limpopo Archery Team. This single exception is because Waterberg Academy has snaffled the bulk of the places on the Limpopo Archery Team (see above) and they have to shoot for the Province very early next term and need practice to keep up their good scores.

Branding and Uniform

Please note that an official Uniform and Branding Committee will launched at the April Board Meeting. At that committee’s meetings, decisions will be made regarding sports shirts, caps and hats etc. so that we can cut out the recent proliferation of items that are emerging at present.

In the interim, all such informal designs will stop as this could in fact lead to money being spent unnecessarily. Anything bearing the School badge or School name will be the province of the Branding and Uniform Committee in the future.

Prospective Parents Seeking Accommodation

At our recent Open Day we were visited by two families from Settlers. They are now looking for a cottage to rent so that Mum can spend the week in town with the two children (Gr 00 and Gr 2) and go home for the weekends. Does anyone know of such accommodation that is available? If so, please notify the Office, or Mariette Nicholson.

On the same note, we had a visitor on Friday from Jo’burg as a direct result of our recent marketing in that part of the world. The boy in question is so keen to come to the Academy that his mother was enquiring after our banking details today.

The marketing was given a bit of a fillip on Saturday at the Archery Competition. Thank you, Mrs Swales, for you effort. No marketing ever goes to waste, and centring such an effort around our new archery range was an excellent idea.

Mark Godfrey