From the Headmaster’s Desk – 14 February 2020

Dear Waterberg Family

A man responds to a dinner table question intended to embarrass him as a teacher among some rich professionals: “Honestly, Dennis, what do you make?’

Dennis responds in anger: ‘I make children spell correctly; I make them walk on air; I make parents see their children in ways they never did before; I make an underachiever reach the top of his class; you want to know what I make? I make a difference!’

I would like to make special mention of our new families joining the Waterberg Academy in 2020. May you experience a warm and comfortable Waterberg welcome.

The good matric results of the class of 2019, and the impressive qualities of our matriculants, remind us once again of the professional educators that we have at Waterberg Academy. Well done to our matric teachers, who with hard work and dedication from our students, achieved a 100% pass rate. We also achieved a record amount of 16 distinctions with three of our subjects rated amongst the top 1% in the IEB

The Grade 8 students (The Guppies) have returned from a successful pre-term camp and have shown both enthusiasm and potential. All our staff members across the school have been busy and productive during the past two weeks, creating readiness to inspire excellence and to ensure that we start the year off on a positive note.

Upcoming Events

February 20

Midterm Break

School closes Thursday 20 February 2020 at 14H00 and reopens again on 24 Tuesday 2020 at 07H00


Care more than others think is wise

Risk more than others think is safe

Dream more than others think is practical

Expect more than others think is possible

Always look for ways to improve on others’ work

Are passionate about everything you do

Deliver ahead of demand and expectation

I would like to use this opportunity to make special mention of our teachers and to thank each one for their dedication and valuable input into the lives of our children. Thank you, Waterberg Academy teachers, we really do appreciate everything that you do for, and mean to our children.

1. Academics

We are currently in full swing with our academic program; assessments are happening weekly. Please ensure that you have a copy of the termly assessment plans which will also help you when checking of homework and planning. The success of our children does require that we as a team (Parent and Teacher) are involved in the lives of our youngsters. (UBUNTU) It takes a village to raise a child.

2. Sport and culture

We have started with Archery, Football and Netball in the high school. The first practice was well attended, and participation was very enthusiastic. The primary school will continue with Athletics until after midterm. On the cultural side I have tasked Mr. van der Schyff to start introducing a new and vibrant cultural program.

As continuous growth is needed, we are currently investigating the re-introduction of golf as a school sport. More details will follow in the next week as we are meeting with representatives from Korro Creek to see how we can be included into their program.

3. New classrooms

The two new classrooms are coming along rather nicely. The builders are working extremely hard for us to occupy the rooms by April. One of the classrooms will be used for a new art and culture venue.

4. Open day – 6 March 2020

I would like to invite all our parents to our open day on 6 March 2020. We will be doing something special for our parents during the drop off time. Could I ask that you bring along a prospective family to visit our school? We would really like many possible, prospective parents enjoying a special time with us. Could you also advertise amongst family and friends? Waterberg Academy – a great school in the bush

5. Program for the next two weeks




15 February 2020

Archery District Meeting – Lephalale

Whole school

19 February 2020

Valentines Dance

High School

20 February 2020

School closes at 14H00 for midterm break

Whole School

25 February 2020

School reopens after midterm break – 07H00

Whole School

25 February 2020

Athletics at Euphorbia

Primary School

28 February 2020

Klein Vyf Athletics


29 February 2020

Archery at Waterberg

Whole School


Sacrifice and suffering can be a good thing when it is done for the good of the family – This is the one lesson that will forever be engraved in my mind. My parents taught me what books never did.

Parents, thank you for always trusting us as the custodians of your children, for giving us all your love and knowing when to correct us if necessary. You have taught us to value everything and for us, you are great parents. Thank you so much for the wings you have given your children, for having taught them how to soar up into the sky, expand their horizons and brush against the heavens.

You sacrificed your own happiness, just so that your child can receive a good education and that they could be happy. It may take a lifetime, for your child to repay you for what you have done for them. Thank you, parents, love your children and together we can ensure that no child will be left behind.

Vernon Rorich


From the Headmaster’s Desk – 31 January 2020

Dear Waterberg Family

It is with anticipation and excitement that we welcome you to the beginning of the 2020 academic year. Waterberg Academy is alive and well. Pupils are buzzing around and eager to get this year off to a positive start.

I would like to make special mention of our new families joining the Waterberg Academy in 2020. May you experience a warm and comfortable Waterberg welcome.

The good matric results of the class of 2019, and the impressive qualities of our matriculants, remind us once again of the professional educators that we have at Waterberg Academy. Well done to our matric teachers, who with hard work and dedication from our students, achieved a 100% pass rate. We also achieved a record amount of 16 distinctions with three of our subjects rated amongst the top 1% in the IEB

The Grade 8 students (The Guppies) have returned from a successful pre-term camp and have shown both enthusiasm and potential. All our staff members across the school have been busy and productive during the past two weeks, creating readiness to inspire excellence and to ensure that we start the year off on a positive note.

Upcoming Events

February 7

JP Art Day

PP Messy Day

February 14

Valentine’s day dance

I would like to draw your attention to a few important issues relating to the start of the year.

  1. School safety and school camps
  2. Inter house athletics
  3. Guppy concert
  4. Future plans

1. School safety and school camps

With the tragedy that happened at Parktown Boys High, we at Waterberg Academy would like to emphasize that we will ensure that all our learners and staff are safe at all times. The following checklist will be completed before any of our learners or staff embark on a school outing.

  • The destination of the trip will be well communicated. You will know exactly where your child is going, the address of the venue and all relevant information will be communicated well before the trip.
  • A sufficient number of educators will attend the trip. Learners will be under the care of our educators at all times.
  • All contact numbers will be communicated daily; communication from the camp via the D6 will be sent out. The school phone will be available for teachers to contact parents. This number will also be communicated before the trip.
  • The school will undertake to visit the camp site prior to the school actually going on the camp. We will ensure that all safety precautions are adhered to. The school will sign off on all the activities and ensure the safety of our learners. The school will ask to see all instructor’s certification and qualification. No child will be forced to take part in any activity.
  • The school will ensure that a medical aid kit is taken on each trip. The camp site owners are also required to have proper first aid and qualified first aiders.
  • Parents will be required to fill in an information form on which important information like medical aid, contact numbers etc will be noted.

2. Inter house athletics

Thank you to pupils, staff and parents who attended our annual inter house athletics meeting. What a marvellous day. The pupils really tried hard and we witnessed some truly great performances.


3. Guppy Concert

Well done to our “Guppies” (Grade 8 learners) on a very entertaining concert. We all relived the movie ‘Grease’ and saw some real talent. Oscars, here comes Waterberg! A big thank you to Mr van der Schyff for putting together the show.

4. Future Plans

Fantastic news is that a sponsor has come on board to build us another classroom. This classroom will be the new venue for our art and culture. It is wonderful to know that we have individuals who are prepared to make a difference in the lives of our pupils.

As soon as I saw you, I knew a great adventure was about to happen.”

Vernon Rorich

NEWSLETTER 22 November 2019

Grade One Outing to Welgevonden

Jaco and Marice Badenhorst, who manage a busy lodge in Welgevonden, invited our Grade Ones for a game drive in this exclusive Big Five reserve. Son, Josua, is in that class and you can see from the photos that he took a leadership role as his classmates joined him on his home turf.

OK, so WE are ready. Let’s go.
Gianmarco and Josua smile for the camera and ignore the rhinos.
The kids – trying to work out how the bones fits together
No class outing is complete without a photo opportunity.


While the Foundation Phase take time out for an outing, the Grade 4 to 12 learners are deeply embroiled in the examination process. Below is a picture of most of the Matric group as they take on Mathematical Literacy and Chemistry.

This is how the culmination of thirteen years of work looks – as the “Big Guns” pore over their 3-hour papers. We are expecting some excellent results this year.

Last Week of Term



Monday – Carols by Candlelight – 17h00 Picnic; 18h00 Carols Service


– Pre-Preparatory Graduation – 09h00 – School closes for Pre-Preparatory learners thereafter.
–  Junior Preparatory Prize Giving – 11h00 – School closes for Junior PreparatoryLearners at 12h00

Thursday – Senior Preparatory Prize Giving – 09h00 – School closes for Senior Preparatory Learners at 11h00

Friday – High School Prize Giving – 09h00 – School closes for High School learners at 11h00

Mark Godfrey

NEWSLETTER 8 November 2019


The record breakers. Below, Mr Bridger congratulates the swimmers who broke records in Friday’s Interhouse Gala.

Mr Bridger, Daniel Eagar, Tyler le Sar, Thembisile Magudulela, Ruan Leonard, Quentin Brugnolo, Renè du Preez, Malose Mohlabi and Jana Leonard. Only three of the eight got the D6 message to wear green to school on Monday.

The first Monday of every month is also provincial and SA colours day where those learners who have achieved these honours are invited to wear their colours to school in place of uniform. Daniel and Ruan chose to honour the Boks instead of invoking their right. Good choice, Guys!

Rugby World Cup

 These learners got the D6 message about wearing green. Here they show their joy at the William Webb Ellis Trophy coming home to South Africa for the next four years.

If you are not connected to the new version of th eD6, you will inevitably be missing messages like this one, which was cobbled together over the weekend. The answer is pretty simple – come and see Cornè to get connected/transferred.

Grade 11 Leadership Camp

This annual event was held at Hillside, property of Craig and Trish Pidduck. The Pidducks have generously allowed the Academy the use of their bush camp over many years, and it has proven to be the perfect venue for Leadership and Guppy Camps. Thank you, Craig and Trish.

A very big Thank You is due to Mr Roth who organized and led the camp and took care of our Grade 11’s while they were in the bush.

Joshua Hein and Ryan Briggs seat themselves on high, whilst Quinn Harmse and Ann-Jenica van Coller are just a little more cool.

Business Studies

Ryan Briggs, Ann-Jenica van Coller, Loapi Mosaka and Mirriam Mpete work on their entrepreneurial Projects

Grade 7 Farewell

Above: A mixed group of Grade 7 revellers and Grade 6 waitrons.

 Middle: Kamo Malemela and Carla Leonard seem to be enjoying the evening.

 Below: The parents’ table was very convivial

Mark Godfrey

NEWSLETTER 17 October 2019

Matric Farewell

Boitumelo Mataboge was partnered by Charmaine Rachele – Matric 2018. Roman Manoa is also in the frame
Nicolas Pieterse and his partner, Daniella,toast the end of 13 years of school.
This beautiful photograph was taken by Gustav Collins of The Adshop. He was our official photographer (unpaid nogal!) and we look forward to a selection of similar beautifully composed pictures when the processing is over. L to R: Shannon and Simoné, Michael and Jade, Hansie and Megan, Jordan and Dylan, Rebecca and Marco, Roman, Daniella and Nicolas.

Head Girl, San-Marie Stegmann, looking lovely in maroon, which seemed to be the most popular colour among the girls.

They say that a Matric Farewell is all about the dress, and I believe our evening was no different from any others. The girls looked magnificent and the boys were dashing.

Rebecca and Marco posing for this beautiful picture in front of the Leeuwenhof bell tower.

This delightful group of young people shows how it feels to get to the end of the 13 year long haul. They have been a very cohesive group and most agree, a pleasure to teach. We will miss you, Guys.

Congratulations, Mrs McBride, on putting together such a lovely evening. Thank you, Mrs Raubenheimer for all your help. Leeuwenhof was an inspired choice for a venue. It is absolutely beautiful, and I believe the staff could not do enough to help with the preparations on the day.

Their last day at school saw little work being done and a trip down memory lane. Mrs McBride got them to the same spot where group photos had been taken since Grade 4, and even got them to sit in the same positions. Michael’s bunny ears had also become compulsory after so many years, he is not resisting the onset of early adulthood!

In these first picture we see four who made it all the way through sitting with Miss Lavery. In the Grade 7 picture they are joined by Jordan Hansen and Nicolas Pieterse and their teacher is Mrs Steyn. In the picture below, the final group sits with Form Teacher, Mrs McBride.

Mark Godfrey

NEWS LETTER 4 October 2019


Our Archery Team went to Witbank to shoot in the Nationals and many of them also shot in the Inter Provincials. Once again, our team is to be complimented on their excellent behaviour. Well done!

The Limpopo Development Team (8 of whom are our learners) placed 2nd and the Waterberg Academy Team placed 4th in the 3D shoot.

Ruan Leonard shot very well, placing 1st Grade 5; 2nd 3D Primary; 3rd Bullseye Primary; and 2nd Overall Primary. Well done, Ruan!

Here Ruan Leonard sports his impressive array of medals.

Find The Secret Spot

Mohau Mokoena in Grade 00 guessed closest to the secret spot on Max the Rhino, winning R200 for his efforts. Congratulations, Mohau.

Horse Riding

Lyandi van der Merwe was very busy for 5 days during the September break riding in the South African Championships. Her results were:

On her horse Carel Hancke Limpopo

Dressage Prelim Test 1                             20th

Dressage Prelim Test 2                             14th

Equitation Intermediate 80 cm               10th

Accumulator 90 cm Jumping                     2nd

Competition 90 cm Jumping                      7th

Working Hunter 80 cm                                6th


On ZicZag

Accumulator 80 cm Jumping                     4th  

Dressage Novice Test 1                               7th

Dressage Novice Test 2                               7th


Lyandi displays the rosettes she won at the Nationals. As a result of her hard work and entirely on her own, Lyandi brought Waterberg Academy into 4th position among the schools.

We are very proud of you, Lyandi.

Visual Arts

These Grade 5’s are busy printing “Animal Migration” from string blocks and lino ink.

Mayoral Visit

Mayor Marlene Vermaak and a covey of councillors descended on the Academy this morning to encourage our Matrics for their forthcoming examinations. Here their programme director does the introductions.

Mark Godfrey

NEWSLETTER 13 September 2019


On Tuesday the Senior Preparatory cricketers took on a teachers’ team in a 10 over match.  The rule was that once you had scored 20 runs you had to retire.  Three of the teachers retired and two of the boys, and therein lay the difference with the teachers emerging ahead.

Kemelo Mocheko unleashes. .
and Mr Roth hooks a high ball for four runs.

Festival of Drama, Art and Music

“In The Jungle” by Grade R
The Black Five Dance Group
Mrs Leonard “Only Hope”
Mirriam Mpete “Alcoholics Anonymous”
Max Stebbing Class of 2013
Grade 9 – “Stimela”

On Wednesday evening we held our Drama, Art and Music evening. The addition of drama is a new innovation and enables those who got a prestige in the Eisteddfod to showcase their talent alongside the traditional music and art.

Grade 4 to 7 sing “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Please join me in congratulating Mrs Juliet Calcott and her many helpers on the staging of such a successful evening.  The preparation was meticulous, the performers excellent, and the art, both that of the learners and that of the adult exhibitors, was superb.

Inter House Sport

Girls’ Soccer

Scores were level at the end and Davidson then won on penalties

High School Cricket

Kirkman won by 12 runs. Quinn Harmse and Ruan Leonard shared top scoring honours. Quinn also took three wickets, as did Rafologang Buthane.

Senior Preparatory Hockey

Sadly, I have no pictures of this game, but Kirkman won 3 – 1.

Senior Preparatory Cricket

This was played last week and Davidson won by 2 runs.

Siyanda in his delivery stride as Shaun (Grade 2) waits to see the result and Mr O’Kelly keeps a sharp eye on proceedings.

Senior Preparatory Entrepreneurs’ Day

The Senior Preparatory Phase held their entrepreneurs’ day today.  There were, as expected, a number of attractions, but the pony rides pictured leftwere a “hit.”

Carla and Lyandi brought these friendly animals to school today to offer pony rides to the learners.  Their stall was kept busy throughout. 

PTA Report Back Meeting

Our PTA will be holding a meeting next week on Friday (break up day) at 10h00 in the Hall.  Since at least one parent from each family will be here at that time to pick up children, this will be the time that will be most convenient for all.

The PTA wish to inform parents of their efforts this year and of the exciting events to come.  Please be there to support these hard-working people who do so much for the School.

Mark Godfrey

NEWSLETTER 6 September 2019

Mountain Biking

Gianmarco Gualdi – 1st Boys U/8
Daniel Eagar – 3rd Boys U/10
Bradley Eagar – 2nd Boys U/14
Carla powers over an obstacle
Carla Jansen van Vuuren – 1st Girls U/14

Livingston Banda negotiates the rock garden as three dads watch in admiration. There are many dangers out there in this sport, but these courageous young people are fearless.

Livingston will be riding for Limpopo at the Nationals Championships during the September holiday.

These championships are only for High Schools, so Carla, who is top of her age group and Bradley who is no. 2, will not be competing. However, they were awarded provincial colours for their performances throughout the SPUR Series.

Waterberg Academy has had a very successful mountain biking season this year with Nikki Eagar as our coach. There have regularly been 14 or 15 learners at the training sessions and 10 or 12 at the Saturday races. And, of course, her sons Daniel and Bradley have led from the front. Thank you, Nikki! It has been wonderful to see each of the riders progress from only feeling comfortable on the flat ground to taking on obstacles which would make most adults blanche.

Waterberg Academy Arts Festival

Mrs McBride (organizer), Ms Mocke (adjudicator) and Miss Nicholson

Small wonder that our learners did so well this year with these three eisteddfod savvy ladies encouraging them every word of the way. And then there were the ladies who helped the learners with getting their presentations right, both for individual and choral work. In fact, the choral verse got an unprecedented number of prestige awards this year – testament to the hard work of the “coaches.”

Mrs McBride has organized our Waterberg Academy Arts Festival for the past five years, and we have watched the performances of our learners improve every year. Whenever she is thanked or congratulated for her hard work, she is quick to deflect the praise towards those who have helped her.  Thank you, Janice, and all your helpers.

Cross Country

Asher Petersen shows why he is no. 6 in Limpopo.

Secretaries’ Day

Our new secretary/PA to the headmaster, Mrs Cornè Pretorius was pleasantly surprised on Wednesday when she was presented with some goodies to mark Secretaries’ Day.

World Rhino Day

Mrs Swales has been the Academy’s liaison with Jessica Babich and the SAPS in all the planning for World Rhino Day on Thursday 19 September. Here the organizing committee is meeting in our staff room to plan for a bigger and better display.

Physical Sciences

Joshua Hein is busy adding the acid  solution from a burette to the base in the flask to observe the exact moment that the base changes from blue to yellow.


Hands up if you remember doing titration experiments in your school days!

Cricket – Inter House

Kemelo Mocheko unleashes
Curtsy Sorofa – wide stance
Scott McBride sweeps

What a close contest – Davidson won by 2 runs!

Generations Day

Well done, Foundation Phase teachers. Your charges were outstanding and the hall looked lovely.

Parents and Grandparents watch the littlies perform.
Grade One to Three sing to the piano played by Etta Steyn.

Mark Godfrey

NEWS LETTER 30 August 2019

Family Fun Day

There appeared to be more cars on the School grounds on Saturday than ever before. Our PTA really pulled out all the stops. They also introduced a number of new attractions which helped invite the community in – and the community came from far and wide.

Morghan Posthumus and Olivia Heuser after the colour run. Now THIS is a masochistic activity if ever there was one!
Gianmarco and Ethan Gualdi get ready to give as good as they get on the paintball range. Apparently, Money is paid to get and give bruises. Interesting.
Caitlin Pidduck and Tyler le Sar battle it out on the Gladiator mat. Tyler’s swing looks like she means business. This activity was clearly not for cissies.
Wisely, Tyler Human and Ruan Leonard chose the genteel and time honoured pursuit of preparing a potjie. They came second in the youth section.

Reading the exchanges on the PTA Whatsapp group, it was clear a number of people were working very hard to provide a day to be remembered. Decisions were made and changed and better solutions found. The quality of what they produced was on display for all of us to see on the day, and it was fantastic. Well done!

I am sure that all our learners, parents and staff join me in thanking our PTA for their magnificent effort that led to a very successful Family Fun Day. We all know that behind every hard-working PTA mother there stands a supportive husband, patiently lightening the load while his wife works on behalf of the School . . . so thank you Dads and Families for giving Mom up for a few weeks as she centred her efforts on our School. Of course, a very special “Thank you” goes to Reinhard and his incredible team.

There were also a number of sponsors who helped with the cost of the attractions. If this FFD breaks any records, our generous sponsors will have had a lot to do with it. Thank you!

The waterslide was popular
Sasha Hopewell and her unicorn
Real life Chef Paul waits anxiously.
Judges Mariette, Heidi and Andrè making up their minds
Martin and Dean under the microscope

Grade 12 Prelims

Our Grade 12’s are busy with their Prelims / Trials / Mock Exams, call them what you will. They write common papers within the cluster and get a foretaste of the real thing which starts in October.  They even get to write in the Farmers’ Hall as they will later in the year. In the pictures below one can see two young matrics working  assiduously. The photographer was intrigued by the difference between the surfaces of the desks of the boys and the girls. Viva la difference!

Jordan Hansen’s very successful school career indicates that she will do well in November
Head Boy, Boitumelo Mataboge gets to grips with the subject.

Fire Fighting Course

Fighting a fire can be quite a frantic business, so it is important that when you pick up a fire extinguisher you know exactly what to do and in what sequence. The best way to learn is by doing, so yesterday Mr O’Kelly told us, then showed us and finally got us actually to put out a blaze. Our service provider loaned us three extinguishers and our maintenance team helped with the construction of safe fire receptacles.

Mr O’Kelly first ran us through the various types of fires and how best to attack them.
Then we attacked! Mrs Raubenheimer proved more than a match for this petrol blaze and had it subdued in seconds. Then we all had a turn.

Art in the Park

The Grade 6’s were blessed to have their Art lesson in the garden today. Mrs Forster-Towne was showing them how the shadows worked and how to capture these and light and dark shadings on the leaves of the plants.

What a lovely way to enjoy the recent balmy weather.

Mark Godfrey

NEWS LETTER 23 August 2019

Mountain Biking

Our Mountain Bikers went to Tzaneen on Saturday to ride in the third leg of the SPUR Limpopo Schools MTB Cross Country Series. As we have come to expect, we again had some real “uitblinkers” and some disappointments.

Ten of our learners rode and their results were as follows:

Gianmarco Gualdi proudly second
Bradley Eagar – also second in the highly competitive Boys U/13 category.
Carla Jansen van Vuuren negotiates a turn into a steep little downhill
And here Carla takes centre stage after completing her race in front.

Livvy takes this corner very carefully. Sharp turns on a loose surface can be quite treacherous!

 One of the challenges of this sport is equipment failure. Competitive bikes are made as light as possible, and the lighter components can and do fail. Daniel Eagar, who usually finishes on the U/10 podium, had to contend with a chain that came off. To his credit, he took this in his stride and still finished the race. Livingston simply had a bad start and spent the race playing catchup.


Our Senior Preparatory cricketers went to Laerskool Vaalwater on Tuesday. They had a nail-biting finish to what became a highly competitive game. Mr O’Kelly has brought this team a long way and they played some excellent cricket. Stand-out on the day was Ruan Leonard who took 7 wickets, including a hattrick and (while keeping wicket at the end of the game) a stumping, requiring a degree of anticipation and skill seldom seen at this level. Well done, Ruan!

Scott McBride also had a great game, taking 2 wickets in 2 balls and in his next over finishing the game with a beautiful caught and bowled. His younger brother, Shaun, was heard to point out that he now holds the record as the youngest player ever to play for the Senior Preparatory – Shaun is in Grade Two!  Ewaldt van Dyk comes in for a mention in despatches for playing a classic inning as an opening batsman and sticking around long enough to, in the coach’s words, take the shine off the ball.

Our team only managed to post a score of 62 in their innings, but proceeded to dislodge the Laerskool batsmen for 58. Appropriately, the pictures below show Ruan Leonard at wicket keeper aiming for that stumping, and Scott McBride bowling the ball for the first of his two earlier wickets. Both umpires will be familiar to the learners and parents of the Academy.

Ruan sees his man well out of his ground. Two overs later he had him.
Scotty just got them straight and pitched them up. The batsmen did the rest. Look at the fielders walking in. That is a skill which it is very difficult to drum in. This shows good coaching and high motivation.

Mini Cricket

On Thursday afternoon we played mini-cricket with Laerskool Vaalwater. They arrived with some 26 players and we divided them up and joined some with our guys to give everyone at least a bat and most of them a bowl. At this level the bowling of the opposition has the greatest effect if it is really weak because then the batsmen are unable to get in any good shots.  I am proud to say that in the main, our bowlers acquitted themselves well. Our batters, on the other hand, struggled a bit with only two fours being struck.

We do plan to play a proper match in two weeks where our eight will meet their eight best players. That should be a true test of skills.

Here we see the bowling styles of some of our mini-cricketers. Straight arms are in the making.

Extra Mathematics Lessons

Miss Nicholson, a Mathematics major in her third year of study, is offering extra Mathematics lessons to learners from Grade 7 to Grade 9 at R80 for a 45 minute session. Miss Nicholson can be contacted on 076 033 0250.

Physical Sciences

The Matrics did their final big Chemistry practical yesterday and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rebecca Banda, San-Marie Stegmann and Mrs Leonard smile for the camera.


Mark Godfrey