Academic Ethos

As a school with a rich and ever growing tradition of academic excellence, Waterberg Academy continually strives to keep abreast of new methodologies, technology, curriculum content and diversity in an effort to ensure our pupils meet the rigorous academic requirements of modern education. These targets are achieved through the active participation of Academy staff in programmes conducted by ISASA

The school follows an established admissions policy which ensures that prospective pupils will not only cope, but excel in the academic programme the school offers.

Notwithstanding, we recognise that each pupil has a certain learning style within a variety of intelligences and our teaching methodology encompasses the needs of each child within our “pupil centered” approach.

Our unique formula IQ + EQ2 + skills = growth, is a firmly entrenched philosophy that ensures not only academic excellence, but also pupils who possess high emotional intelligence and are environmentally aware:

IQ        –           Intelligence Quotient, which is developed through a diverse curricular offering and the constant pursuit of academic excellence.   

EQ      –           Emotional Intelligence Quotient, where we empower pupils to make responsible decisions, develop an elevated work ethic and be sensitive to social needs. In so doing we develop proactive, community minded citizens who are capable of taking their place anywhere on this diverse planet.

EQ      –           Environmental Quotient, as an accredited Eco-School, Waterberg Academy pupils are made acutely aware of the fragility of our planet and the need for sustainable usage of our ever dwindling resources.

This philosophy ensures that our pupils develop not only academic excellence, but also an awareness of surrounding environment and the emotional aspects of human interrelationships.

Small class size is entrenched in our code and learning is facilitated through hands-on real world situations. Life skills are developed within the curriculum and lessons are developed with differentiation in mind.


As part of the ‘pupil-centered’ policy, the counselling of individuals is part of every day life. All staff are available to meet the needs of each pupil and to assist at all times, whether the need be academic, social or emotional.

In the event of other professional services being required, the school has access to the approved personnel.